ThorenGruppen Trophy – Youth player of the year

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The feeling of the big moment

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Now they’re probably sleeping. Hopefully. Or they’re still turning around in bed with that nervousness in the stomach for what they will soon wake up to. I of course talk about the those that are going to play the final sin Tele 2 Arena. I am envious of them, of course. Läs mer

SM-final & world record!

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Now it’s time to go deep into the final and the two teams that are going to play. Two teams that really nailed the shape in time for the playoffs and has done a fantastic playoffs so far. I think that both teams have had a tough road to the final, even if many want to say that Linköping has a dream position with Pixbo and Dalen as opponents. Both teams have deserved getting to the final I think and it will be incredibly fun to witness the game from the couch at home, unfortunately I won’t be going to Stockholm. I thought I would get into dissecting the teams as much as possible in this post, it will probably be a long post. And you who have never seen a floorball game, YOU should see this. It’s leaning towards a world record audience wise for floorball audience wise too, nice! Let’s get started, come along! Läs mer

Off to the final

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So although the UK floorball calendar still has a few matches and our national championship finals still to come once again our season has finished early. Hopefully everyone had a good time and there were some good results along the way but a few tough matches and low numbers of players meant that we fell short in the end.

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ThorenGruppen Trophy – Youth player of the year!

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It’s now the fourth year in a row that we, Thorengruppen, during the SM-finals give out our award to two promising players on the women’s respectively the men’s side. The award is called ThorenGruppen Trophy – Youth player of the Year, and has quickly grown to become a coveted award to win. Just like earlier years, it isn’t only the talent that will be the deciding factor, but also what courage the player has had to make their own patch, what power the player has to complete it and what passion the player has for what he/she loves the most – the floorball. Läs mer

Final ready!

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I was laying on the couch yesterday a bit tired after a late night with good friends and I was watching game 7 in the series between Falun and Storvreta. A good game that had most you could wish for as a spectator. I think that it was fair that over the 7 games, Storvreta took the final spot. And I have wanted Alexander Rudd to lead his Storvreta towards the more noble medals, and he was involved when it was decided. Läs mer

The evening of turnarounds!

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Tonight there were two strong turns from both Falun and Linköping. Falun that really had the knife to their throat for tonight’s game and were pressured to win otherwise the series was over for them. Plus that they had a gang of ordinary players missing because of different reasons. In Dalen-Linköping, it was about who was going to get match ball in the next game, and there Linköping stood for tonight’s brave turn, match ball Linköping! Läs mer

IKSU reduced and the national team troop for EFT

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Today the federation captain Andreas Lundmark’s troop for EFT in Sandviken became public. A exciting troop! 2016 is a non-World Cup-year and then I think that it’s extremely right to test many new players. A whole of even debutants gets the chance on the home field. Also some players are back in the troop after some absence. But then semifinal 3 between IKSU and KAIS Mora has been played. Läs mer

Bodén, Dalen and tactics!

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I watched the game yesterday between Linköping-Dalen, a clear entertaining game with many faces. Yes we can look away from the last 3-5 minutes in sudden that Dalen chose to not do anything with, strange behavior I think. Kin Ketil delivered two super nice penalties. Linköping played in the 3rd period like we might be a bit more used to seeing them and turned the game around in a few minutes. The game had many faces, we can put it like that. Läs mer

Brännström’s 20 quick ones!

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20 quick thoughts: Läs mer

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