Upcoming event: Japan University Floorball Championships

postad den by Hirotsugu Umeda |

The biggest floorball event among universities in Japan is coming soon. On 20,21 December 2014, The Japan University Floorball Championships are held in Surugadai Univ, Saitama.

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The surprise Telge and destructive floorball

postad den by Gittan Ahonen Gunnarzon |

Sunday and many floorball games played. Some results are more surprising than others but I am going to concentrate on the success team Telge. What a series opener by the newcomer! Everyone loves surprise teams, who disrespectfully threaten the top teams. It gives an extra spice to the series trot, that nothing ends like you think. Läs mer

High Scoring Matches!

postad den by James Arter |

Last weekend heralded the start of the the UK floorball season proper for Nottingham Floorball club with two matches against Wakefield Wolves and Warwick 2nds. With hall space limited and only a few rinks in the country we don’t really play home and away matches but instead all teams travel to a central location to play several games in a day, hence us starting the season with two matches. Whilst this does keep costs down and in our case cuts down on transport costs it does mean that fatigue can set in in the second game!

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A bit from SSL, Salibandyliiga & international games also

postad den by Iiro Parviainen |

Hello friends,

Last writing from the differences between our leagues gave a lot of contact – thanks for that folks. Tonight, I want to write some thoughts from the last month. Läs mer

Derby Friday home in Löthallen

postad den by Johan Lundqvist |

Finally Friday. Finally game again. Tonight it happens in Löthallen. A tough derby against Älvsjö is on the menu. Two teams who aren’t happy with the points distribution here in the beginning of the series. At 20.00, tonight’s referee pair blow the whistle that starts the game. Läs mer

No Backlund in the national team

postad den by Gittan Ahonen Gunnarzon |

I start with the most important. In other words the charity campaign “Play for charity” that Johan Flinkfeldt and Jakob Arvidsson are the initiators for. Many are a part of it, Of course you should be! Given for me. Read more about the campaign here. Läs mer

Report from round 5

postad den by Johan Lundqvist |

Alunda IBF, what a club!! A great arrangement and a loud home audience made this to a real Friday coziness, 287 people had made their way down to Olandshallen and gave the home team a real kick in the form of chants and drums during the whole game. Yeah, the game itself ended 3-3 and afterwards it feels like a fair result. Two great goalies who kept the numbers down. Both also got elected as the Man of the Match, as they should have been. From the game it can also be added that us in Duvbo doesn’t make a single goal in 4 powerplays. It is too bad and something that needs to be improved the further in the series we get. Läs mer

Hokkaido Floorball Cup 2014 (Japan)

postad den by Hirotsugu Umeda |

On 12th Oct.2014, I participated in the Hokkaido Floorball Cup 2014, held in Sapporo, Japan. Forty five players in adult(Over 13) category and six players in U12 category enjoyed floorball. Eniwa floorball club grabbed the championship, defeating Sapporo floorball club.  Hiroki Sugawara of Eniwa floorball club was the MVP of the whole match.

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Time to get to work

postad den by Jakob Arvidsson |

I am not what I once was. I am not an active blogger anymore, who lives day and night with a blog as a daily friend and backpack. That time has passed – and it feels fantastic!

Still I have somehow ended up on the list over bloggers at Floorballzone. I don’t really know how that happened myself, but the boss here in the building has been very accommodating and said “no demands – just write when you get the feeling for it”.

And you see. Tonight – the 13th of October 23.21, the feeling came like a letter in the mail. It truly comes when you least expect it. Läs mer

The World Cup is getting closer and goalies needs to be chosen

postad den by Fred Lafquist |

Yesterday Sunday, Viktor Klinsten made his series premiere for his Storvreta. A obvious candidate for the first place in the World Cup in Gothenburg in less than two months. Åman is my second obvious choice.

On the other side a Jon Hedlund who has to be considered to be fighting about a spot in the same World Cup-troop. Läs mer

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