It’s getting closer in the Eastern

postad den by Johan Lundqvist |

Yes with only 3 rounds left to play in the series, it’s really starting to get hotter about the table placements in the top and for the last qualification spot in Estern Svealand. Visby has won the series they lead with 9 points and a huge goal difference before the runner-up Hässelby. Visby has lead the series since round 1 and is a worthy series winner (but nothing is won yet). Behind Hässelby, Älsvjö shadows and on the last qualification spot we find Hagunda. Läs mer

Sport when it’s at its best

postad den by Gittan Ahonen Gunnarzon |

The men’s SSL is super exciting! What a round! This is how it should be. No series trot where everyone fixes their eye at the playoffs. No it’s incredibly cool. Even if my favorite team won’t make it to the playoffs. Feels very strange actually. But recharge and next season… or something. Läs mer

Long time…

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To think that I used to write many blog posts a week. Now I barely have time for… yeah like one a month. But it is going to change. I hope to be out of the worst work mist soon. I has been crazy to use a favorite word. Positive is that I have evolved and realized that I can do a lot more than I thought. Both qualitatively and quantitatively. Always something. Läs mer

Are we heading towards Wrestling?

postad den by Magnus Stenbenke |

Yesterday I was at a hockey game and saw Växjö Lakers – Frölunda. We got a talk with the coach Sam Hallam before and he told us about a problem that they have in hokey, and I guess that also other sports have, namely the journalists’ questioning and fishing. Läs mer

A shorter report

postad den by Björn Larsson |

Nowadays the northern Allsvenska seems to lack both teams to be moved down and qualification spots upwards but it is only IBIS that is struggling. I am no expert when it comes to IT but I don’t understand how it can be so hard to get a system to work. The trust for the Swedish Floorball Federation’s IT-department will soon be comparable to the Stockholm-citizens trust in the subway company. In Japan, the train drivers have to write a report if they are one minute late… Läs mer

Growing the sport

postad den by James Arter |


A couple of weeks ago I managed to watch a few of the women’s qualifiers for the World Championships later on this year. From afar it looked like all the tournaments were well run and certainly there were some close competitive games however the majority of the matches seemed to be massively one sided. Although I’ve played in one sided matches and they can be fun they aren’t always enjoyable for the loosing team and certainly doesn’t help the image of floorball.

Läs mer


postad den by Johanna Andreassen |

Hi everyone.
I have returned from the dead. My updates haven’t been so active, it’s more fun to watch flowers grow.

Now I am going to write about a subject that unfortunately is very close to my heart. Läs mer

The fat lady is starting to breathe heavily: The Norwegian Elitserie

postad den by Samuel Rosenkvist |

It is, as they say, not over until the fat lady sings. The frase is usually thought of as generated by the opera “Der ring des Nibelungen”, written by the marvelous Richard Wagner. The image of a slightly oversized Brünnhilde. In the third act, “Götterdämerung” her aria is leading up to not only the end the ut the end of the world as we know it. Quite dramatic. So it is really over, when the fat lady has sung.

In the norwegian elitserie, she is beginning to prepare for entering the stage. As of now there are four games left to play for the ten teams that makes up the series. For some it’s “do or die” for others it’s merely down to where they will end up at the table with little excitement about it.

As per usual we find the most interesting battle at the bottom. Out of ten teams, eight will proceed to the playoffs, one will de degraded to first division and another one will have to enter a qualification to play for the spot in next seasons elitserie.

Theres is also a fight for the first place, the winner of the “Kongepokal”, the kings trophy and which teams who will take the first four places and by that secure a homeadvantage as well as the right to choose their opponent in the quarterfinals.

So lets go to the table and the upcoming games and see who will end up where.

tabell 090215

If we start at the bottom we can be rather confident that Bækkelaget will be degraded to first division. The team has only managed to get one point out of their fourteen played games, even though they have been very close in some occasions. Not the least their last game against Sveiva which they lost by only one goal. Their best chance to secure at least on win this season will be against Grei. But most likely they will stay on a zero in the winning column.

So it’s down to Sveiva and Nor92 to fight for the remaining spot at the playoffs. Sveiva has the advantage of goal difference that will make up a point. If we look at the remaing opponents Sveiva has a slightly better chance of making up the points they need. But it will most likely come down to 22nd of february when they will square off in Rommenhallen, Sveivas homecourt. If I were to gamble on the outcome I would put my money on Sveiva to go ahead to claim that illusive 8th-place finnish. Nor92 is by far better than any other team from the lower division so they can quite confidently secure their place in next seasons eliteserie.

The fourth place challenge is another interesting battle. As for now it is hold by my team, Gjelleråsen, and we are mainly challenged by Sarpsborg who we beat last game to surpass them in the table. There isn’t much Grei or Akerselva can do to get their hands on it so it’s down to which one out of Gjelleråsen and Sarpsborg who will manage to finish the race best.

We will both play against the series number one Slevik and last seasons finalist Tunet. in my humble opinion we have the best chance to get any point out of them than Sarpsborg. Most likely it will come down to the other two games. Sarpsborg will play against Nor92 and Bækkelaget. Six points in the bag and they will end up with 27 points. Gjelleråsen plays against Bækkelaget and Akerselva and that last game of the regular season can be very important to maintain the advantage.

Lastly we glance at the top of the table and the race for first place during the regular season. Slevik has won the last three seasons and are strong contenders to win another one. Greåker has the most managable setup but if they win the upcoming game against Gjelleråsen it should be smooth sailing to that awaiting trophy. But they are playing againt three of the top-five placed teams during these last rounds.

So most likely the table will be rather unchanged when we are through with the last round in the beginning of march. Sveiva will be through to the playoffs and Nor92 will have to qualify. Akeraelva and Grei can change places in the table but that is mere academic. We will be back to report on how things ended up and the setup for the quarterfinals. The team that ends up on top will have their choice of opponent from the teams that ends up on the 5th to 8th place and than it’s the second placed teams turn to do likewise.

But for now we just watch with amazement the heaving lungs of Brünnhilde. The end is coming. Not so much to the world as to the regular season in norwegian elitserie. But for those of us who are in it to win it, it is as important.

The floorball, a product or a service?

postad den by Bäst Utan Boll |

I wrote a post a while ago that was abut how the floorball in my opinion should act to allure more people to the arenas. Everything points to the floorball nationally stagnating, when it comes to interest and performance, and something probably needs to be done. In my last post I treated how the floorball should think around customer segmentation, who they should try to reach through marketing and who you should let other sports focus on. But it isn’t enough to just reach out to the right audience, you also have to sell something of interest.

I think that the floorball’s biggest problem right now is that we think that we are selling a product, when we really should try to sell a service. Läs mer

Looks like NHL in the Northern Allsvenska

postad den by Björn Larsson |

I who usually is ashamed when Conny Westerlund (can’t TV 4 give the expert commentators a rulebook each?) uses words and expressions from the hockey, will have to continue throw stones in a glass house when I compare the Northern Allsvenska with the world’s best hockey league. Maybe it isn’t the audience numbers, the intensity and the professional events I want to compare it with (however impressive 800 people on Piteå’s game today!) but all recruits that have happened right before the transfer window was closed. Läs mer

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