The All-star team of the German Floorball Bundesliga 2016

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The German “Floorballmagazin” elected their All-stars of last season. Here is the Top 6 of the German Floorball Elite League.

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UHC Weissenfels crowned German floorball champion

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I must be honest: This is not the most unexpected news I have told you from the German Floorball Bundesliga, so far. The UHC Weissenfels is the old and new champion – for the 12th time. But yet the finals were something special. Thanks to Weissenfels’ opponent Lilienthal that contributed much resistance.

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Playoffs 1. German Bundesliga: Lilienthal vs. Weissenfels in the finals, Schriesheim is promoted

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For the first time in the German Floorball history Lilienthal reaches the finals of the league playoffs. After two victories against Wernigerode they are now about to meet champion Weissenfels. Schriesheim is celebrating their promotion to the highest league while Halle goes down to league two.

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USA first Women’s U19 team!

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Right now, as you all most certainly are aware of, the Women´s U19 World Championship is undergoing in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

And this last year, I’ve blogged about the progress of floorball around the world. Thailand: Asia: And Brooklyn:

Another sign that floorball is on the rise in the world is that USA now has it’s first national Women’s under 19 team! And as you may or may not know, they’re participating in their first World Championship!


“The 7th Women’s U19 World Floorball Championships will take place in Belleville, Ontario, Canada from the 4th to 8th of May at the Quinte Sport & Wellness Centre. Team USA plays in the B-Division, Group C with two other countries: Hungary ranked 8th and Austria ranked 12th.

USA Floorball, the governing body for floorball in the US recognized by the IFF (International Floorball Federation), decided quite early that it would attend the Women’s U19 World Floorball Championships in Belleville, Canada. Officially the project was founded in June 2013. Since then a significant amount of work has been done in the effort to form the team and carry out the necessary preparations.

Building the team was quite an experience. The Women’s U19 Team USA consists of 14 players. Half of the field players and one goalie, Anna Van Hercke, are from Colorado. The other goalkeeper, Nora Aron, is from Santa Cruz, California and remaining team lives in Sweden, Czech Republic and Belleville, Canada.


As part of the tournament protocol, Floorball USA has released the first US National U19 Women’s team player and attender list on the IFF web site. The objective of USA Floorball was to create the best possible team to represent the US while making a successful entrance among the best floorball countries of the world and offering a brilliant experience for the selected players.

Currently the team consist of 14 players and two coaches:

01 Van Hercke, Anna Goalkeeper
02 Stoll, Grace Defender
03 Helber, Alva Defender
06 Aron, Nora Goalkeeper
07 Lindberg, Christine Defender
08 Kostal, Andrea Forward
11 Bergstrom, Elisse Forward
15 Irwin, Braedyn Defender
16 Bannasch, Jasmine Forward
21 Nordqvist, Linnea Forward
22 Walker, Halle Forward
27 Viereck, Savannah Forward
33 Wiley, Julia Forward
63 Pennisi, Adelia Defender

Head Coach Tobias Hellqvist
Goalkeeper Coach Katariina Alongi

General Manager Anders Buvarp, who is excited about USA Floorball participating in the Women’s U19 World Chamipionships for the first time, has succeeded in selecting a competitive group of floorball players for the tournament. The rest of the attenders are Susanna Donofry (Team Manager), Ann Lovgren (Equipment Manager), Kate Nemeckova (Physio) and Tapio Hämeen-Anttila (Media / Photography). “

So there it is, from the official website.

This last year, I’ve had contact with Team USA’s  general manager Anders Buvarp, about the progress with the team and a few other floorball related issues. It’s been quite fun to see and hear about the team and the progress made, and the journey to Belleville.

The first game ever for Team USA Women’s U19 was played 2 days ago, and Team USA won their first game in the championship! They beat Austria with a score of 5-2. Today, they will play Hungary.

The player that scored Team USA’s first goal, in their first tournament was Elisse Bergstrom, from Denver, Colorado, and I got answers on a few questions from her.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your floorball story?
– My name is Elisse Bergstrom and I am from Denver, Colorado and I play for team USA. I only learned about floorball this year from my field hockey coach, Spencer Wagner. I have been playing field hockey for my high school, Regis Jesuit in Aurora Colorado for two years. I just recently picked up floorball about two months ago when my field hockey coach introduced me to the sport along with other girls from my team.
First ever US U19 team, AND you win your first ever game, tell me your feelings after the game against Austria?
-Since this was the first organized game other girls from my team and I had ever played I was very nervous but excited for the experience. After I scored the first goal for our team I immediately embraced my teammates. We were all so excited to share this unforgettable moment. After we won the game 5-2 we were all so proud of each other and our country.
Floorball is growing in the United States, do tou think more people will get intrested in floorball after this tournament?
-After I learned that a lot of my high school and family members watched our game, I am hopeful that the sport will gain support and recognition.
What are your expectations with the rest of the championship? What is Team USAs goal?
-I expect that we will continue to grow as a team in both skill level and spirit. Our goal for the rest of the tournament is not only to advance but to also have a great experience.
Thank you Elisse! I hope you all will have a great experience in this championship and in your future journeys with floorball!

Playoffs 1. German Bundesliga: Weissenfels and Lilienthal win first semifinals

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For the first time in this season Weissenfels had some problems in their semifinal game against MFBC Leipzig. But they also have Jarmo Eskelinen. Lilienthal won against Wernigerode. In the playdowns DHfK Leipzig beat Halle and Bremen makes first step for promotion against Schriesheim.

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1. German Floorball Bundesliga: MFBC and Devils heading for the semifinals

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With two sweeps the MFBC Leipzig and the Red Devils Wernigerode won their quarterfinals and now meet on Weissenfels and Lilienthal. Halle and DHfK Leipzig have to play the relegation matches. In the 2nd Bundesliga Schriesheim and Bremen play for promotion.

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ThorenGruppen Trophy – Youth player of the year

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The feeling of the big moment

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Now they’re probably sleeping. Hopefully. Or they’re still turning around in bed with that nervousness in the stomach for what they will soon wake up to. I of course talk about the those that are going to play the final sin Tele 2 Arena. I am envious of them, of course. Läs mer

SM-final & world record!

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Now it’s time to go deep into the final and the two teams that are going to play. Two teams that really nailed the shape in time for the playoffs and has done a fantastic playoffs so far. I think that both teams have had a tough road to the final, even if many want to say that Linköping has a dream position with Pixbo and Dalen as opponents. Both teams have deserved getting to the final I think and it will be incredibly fun to witness the game from the couch at home, unfortunately I won’t be going to Stockholm. I thought I would get into dissecting the teams as much as possible in this post, it will probably be a long post. And you who have never seen a floorball game, YOU should see this. It’s leaning towards a world record audience wise for floorball audience wise too, nice! Let’s get started, come along! Läs mer

Off to the final

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So although the UK floorball calendar still has a few matches and our national championship finals still to come once again our season has finished early. Hopefully everyone had a good time and there were some good results along the way but a few tough matches and low numbers of players meant that we fell short in the end.

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