Still no sponsor in Japanese floorball?

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Floorball arrived in Japan in 1970s, so it has actually as long history as contries in Europe.

But saddly, we still have no big sponsors in Japan.

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The routine personified

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My name is Johan Lundqvist but you can call me Lunkan, Grandpa, Cap or whatever. A dear child has many names like it so beautifully is called…

I have a long and solid floorball background with some seasons in Råsunda, Caperio/Täby and my final destination became Duvbo before I this season decided to put the club on the shelf to become a assisting coach.

Yeah you are maybe wondering how I ended up on this site and what I will write about, I can you tell that now. A phone call came last week (in the middle of a pancake buffet) where FZ needed someone that wanted/could write a bit about division 1 plastic with most focus on eastern Svealand… After a short time to think, I thought it sounded really fun and exciting so here I am now. You are welcome to tag along on the ride and see what happens in the third highest series in floorball-Sweden.

There can also become some posts about behind the scenes in Duvbo as well as I sometime give you some nice anecdote from the time in Caperio/Täby.

See you later!! //Johan

The regrowth in AIK – what potential!

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The Sunday was started with a training session before it was time to make my way to Solnahallen for AIK’s home premiere. The newcomers Höllviken were visiting. The team is coached my the very sympathetic Vidar Jonsson Wallin, who I interviewed this week. Thanks for positive feedback on that text! It is easy to write when Vidar gives nice quotes such as “if we can survive the first 58 minutes, then we might be able to do a goal in the end.” It wasn’t the first minutes that became Höllviken’s fall against AIK.

There were 4-0 to AIK after one period and 7-1 after half the game. Höllviken wasn’t in any way harmless, Patrik Åman played big like he usually do. But AIK’s game turns and fast play was something they couldn’t touch. There was a miles-wide difference on what AIK who has played some less well executed pre-season games and against Mullsjö last. But honestly, Mullsjö is a really good team and many teams loose points on their home field. If you’re also missing several given players with national team experience – well then it isn’t so strange that it turns out to be a loss. Mullsjö took points away from home against Falun today by the way.

But what I was most happy for today was the attitude, the fighting, the work on the field – all the important stuff. And at the forefront was Henke Lorendahl who was back on the field again. 40 years young and to quote a impressing assist Hallstensson there “what a nuclear reactor”. Henke’s meaning for the team is big.

Joel Kanebjörk also takes big responsibility, positive, pushes and shows with his whole body language on the field that he leads his troop. In honor of the day he was team captain in Kalle Iraeus injury absence. I think that Patrik Åman, Simon Jirebeck and Kevin Björkström belonged to AIK’s top three players today. Many delivered. A very important victory for AIK in many ways.

I have promised to quote myself here tonight. My bench neighbors was among others Tomas Engholm, Micke Fasth and Reine Sjödin. When AIK’s defender Erik Andersson went out on a dribble tour, I said “he can make problems for himself”. A few seconds later he served a nice pass to Patrik Hagberg who could shoot the ball straight into the goal. So it can go. Hagberg became a three goal shooter otherwise.

Also have to mention Ted Nivestam’s goal. Got a tip to check that guy out. Which I did.

The audience number isn’t ok at all. There is (excuses) explanations to that, one is that AIK Fotboll played a significant game right afterwards and the supporters didn’t prioritize two games after each other. Then AIK have because of different avoidable reasons not been able to do a solid market job. But it gets better. And it will get better. It has to get better.

Well home again I checked out Warberg-Storvreta on the web. Good commentators in Kimmo Eskelinen and Andreas Wahman. In the first period, we didn’t see the ball against the blue floor,  but it was fixed later on. Unfortunately, the picture was before the sound throughout the game. Too bad. It isn’t easy with the tech.

The game then. Warberg worked on calmly, methodically and disciplined. Solid defense play and they didn’t tale any chances. While Storvreta really couldn’t be recognized. You are so used to them pressuring like crazy in stages, but the play wasn’t like that today. Actually looked a bit anxious. With so many world stars on the field it is a bit surprising. Where was that fantastic pass play? Stenberg, Hyvärinen and Rudd can do better. The whole team really. Not to take away Warberg’s performance. The home team lead with as much as 6-1 and they were only waiting for the pick-up. Anyway. Round 2. It naturally comes.

I had predicted the Sunday’s women’s games, but apparently I forgot to publish that post. A moving out party came between. Some comments around the results.

Want to start by congratulating Telge to their first three SSL-points! It happened against Uppsala away from home and the end result was written 4-3. When the expert Annso Sundholm on the kick-off meeting said that “Telge won’t take more than five points in the series”, the club started a fun challenge. This is what you can read on the website:

“During today’s kick-off meeting before the SSL-season we were predicted to end up last. The expert Ann-Sofie Sundholm says that if they take more than five points then that is good. We see it as prefect lighter fluid and accepts the challenge! At the same time we ask you out there if you tag along? For every point over 5 we take, you donate 100 SEK. We are convinced that we will do this, hope you want to show that you believe in us too.”

Wonderful initiative! More of that from the clubs.

Uppsala’s coach Viktor Matsenius has said that they will probably lead the series after five rounds. I guess that he means the on the paper less hard resistance? But wooops, losses against both JIK and Telge now. Time to pick up the pieces. But at the same time I like that he stands out and says something. It makes everything more alive and not mechanistically.

Falun bounced right back after the big loss against KAIS Mora last. They won against Täby with the odd goal. I will confess that I didn’t see that result coming. Mentally strong to get up so soon. the 19-year old Lovisa Stenberg did two goals and in Täby Louise Wickström became a two goal shooter. Not a good start of the season by Täby. In the next game they meet Jönköping and then they need to take a point.

JIK who lost with 6-2 against IKSU. Therese “Mini” Andersson became a three goal shooter and Elin Tjärnström made three points. Two experienced players.

Five goals by Djurgården’s first five when they played 6-6 against Pixbo. So the question if DIF gets a second five going? Yes, if they have one that contains good players. Time to provide more points now. In Pixbo the dark horses Alicia Fylke and Lisa Andebratt stepped forward in the points making. They have been in the troop for several years now, talented, quick and technical. Hopefully they bloom out for real. The game between the national team goalies Sara Hjorting and Emelie Frisk ended in a tie. In this game DIF lost the lead, the opposite of what happened against IKSU last.

Endre won against Karlstad, and Rönnby against Huddinge. My thought was to see Huddinge-Rönnby after AIK-Höllviken, but the schedule unfortunately didn’t work out.

Thank god for the journalist Jonas Gustavsson! He writes initiated about both men’s and women’s floorball, not just when they need to create gossip headlines. His texts feels serious and Jonas commentates all teams. So important! Keep up the good work. Read Jonas’ interview with Madde Backlund who after two games has a points average of 4,5 points.

Tomorrow Monday I will see Helsingborg-Linköping. Hope to hear more of Martin Karlsson during the web broadcasts. His interview answers mostly becomes classical. I believe in a narrow victory for the visiting team.

This week becomes a long floorball match I see. Early Wednesday morning I am leaving for Gothenburg and the book fair for six days. Then SSL takes a break for Champions Cup. Right when the series have started. Wonderful! Or not. They have to look over this again. How hard isn’t it for the clubs to build up an interest around their teams when the series is hacked up like this. Sorry for the whining, but redo, do right.

Lastly, a picture of Monika who is AIK-Ron Sjöblom’s partner, their six week old daughter Elise and my daughters (on either side of Monika) with friend in beautiful colors. Now Sjöblom, Johan Berg and Kim Nilsson recently have had daughters. While Alex Egebrant’s girlfriend is expecting a boy and KJ Iraeus also becomes a father shortly. What a wonderful regrowth in AIK!


See you,
Twitter: gittang

Differences between SSL and Salibandyliiga

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Differences between SSL and Salibandyliiga.


People have frequently asked my opinion about differences between these two leagues. There are many and mainly they are not flattering Finns. However, I want to emphasize that these are just my opinions. I have seen  both, i have some perspective for it.

The biggest difference is in sportiness. The quality of summer training, even in the Finnish top teams, can vary a lot and usually even inside the team. Mainly the training is in moderate level, but it can be improved significantly, maybe not in quantity, but in quality and continuation. Although the summer time training is in reasonable level, the quality of the physical training is poor during the season. Of course, not for all, but too many. One week hard training during the Christmas break doesn’t compensate this. In Finland, all kind of activations and “modern” practices are popular, while Swedish players run much more: simple runs or intervals and work hard in a gym during the whole season. I also think that Swedish players have more sportsmanlike attitude in their everyday life and their training practices are better for the top level sport. I have seen one season that in Dalen, and I was impressed.

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Haninge is the counterpart to Arsenal in the Allsvenska

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Well, it maybe is an overstatement to compare Haninge with the English football team Arsenal but the similarities I find is two teams that always get ruled out but who still get to their feet. Before the season, there has been whispers in the halls about the chaos in Haninge. Like damn they stand as victors against Balrog after yesterday’s clash in Torvalla Sporthall. Can only congratulate the team where the firm Schantz/Andersson triumphs. Läs mer


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Tomorrow it is time for home premier for IBF Falun’s men. It has to be said again; it is so fun that it is up and running again!

At home, the day before a game means; a long walk! Really nice with autumn, without a doubt my favorite season :)

Jonas’ dad is here visiting us so we had a barbecue for dinner and now it was time for a fruit salad. Carbohydrate charging deluxe! How am I ever going to get into bikini shape before Thailand?image

My prediction for the game tomorrow;

8-4 to the home team!

In the binoculars: Tero Tiitu- probably wants to show his new home audience what he can do!

Now this beauty awaits me and pappa-Svahn


(Trying out this thing with pictures)

Thanks from me-bye!

Tonight’s games

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A late little blog post Friday night. Wasn’t going to blog twice a day, but I just have to follow up on tonight’s games. I chose fresh air, sun and the daughter’s hat trick. You couldn’t escape it. Läs mer

Web broadcasts and applauses

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Friday feeling! Isn’t it the best feeling of the whole week? When you have the whole weekend in front of you. Yeah, it is. After a day filled with meetings, it is nice with a training session and then start the weekend.

Have to start by applauding FC Helsingborg’s work with last night’s Skåne-derby against Höllviken. Almost 4000 people on the bleachers! May be that the tickets were free and that I generally think that we should value our “product” (floorball) so that there isn’t inflation in free games. But it is still a real feat. Hats off, FCH! Läs mer

Double premieres

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For the second time I now keep Jakob Arvidsson company on Innebandybloggen. Two years ago we wrote under Västerbottens Folkblads flag, but after a year-long strike for me personally, FloorballZone’s Jonas Thomsson managed to convince me to write for FloorballZone this year after many long phone calls and discussions. It actually feels very nice. Läs mer

Premiere SSL Women

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Today is the premiere for the rest of the teams in SSL Women. I believe that, just like in SSL Men, the series will be more even. There will absolutely be layers in the series but it will be more even in the different layers. I thought that I would try and predict the final table and also tonight’s games. Läs mer

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