More floorball from Asia

postad den by Robert Gyris |
As you could read in my last blog post, we could read a story from Nina Olsson who has been and played for the Thai national team. Please read it again, what a cool experience! Nina had gotten a call from Stefan Dahlgren, and I have been e-mailing him to get to know more.
This post is now updated with a ton of pictures, scroll down in the post to see what floorball in Asia can look like!


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We greet spring

postad den by Linn Lundström |

When you live in a new country, you suddenly get a bunch of new traditions. This weekend, one of the big things that the swiss celebrate starts, Fastnacht. Läs mer

Some spontaneous reflections from a fbpositive?

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Hello floorball friends!

Yes I call you friends. I of course don’t know who reads or takes time to read the posts from me? I have a naive belief that you are all my friends in the so called floorball family. Let me continue to believe that:-)

Sometimes the lovely twitter allows way too few characters. The feeling of needing to write becomes tangible. At the same time, there are other things wanting my attention, of course. Work is one thing… However, lately some things have been spinning around in my head, like socks in a drier. Sometimes some thoughts get to stay, unsaid and unspoken. “Why am I speaking?” is a mantra I try to live by. As a opinion machine about most things, it’s important (at least for me) to value the opinions. How is it for you? Läs mer

1. German Floorball Bundesliga: Lilienthal with some real big points

postad den by Daniel Mahnken |

Lilienthal wins in overtime against Kaufering, Chemnitz and Berlin get some air in the battle for the playoffs. Weissenfels still the only one who can win the title and the MFBC wins the derby.

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Now awaits a Swede-fight and Zürich-derby in tournament-final

postad den by Linn Lundström |

During the weekend that passes, the tournament-semifinals were played here in Switzerland: Us against Skorpion Emmental and Red Ants against Piranha Chur. Läs mer

A look in the crystal ball for life in 2016

postad den by Linn Lundström |

Here after my mom’s christmas food has left my system and the new year’s chronicles have stopped being published, it’s time to take on the new year. Floorball-wise, 2016 can potentially mean two new titles here in Switzerland: one league title and one tournament title. Yes, we in the alp-country play both regular series-play and also a tournament that goes on throughout the whole season. I think I will take it form the start. Läs mer

1. German Floorball Bundesliga: Here we go again!

postad den by Daniel Mahnken |

The German Bundesliga restarts on this weekend. So far the season has had surprising ups and downs and in particular reshuffled the forces behind the top club Weissenfels. Let’s see what’s going on.

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World Cup-thriller with gold euphoria

postad den by Linn Lundström |

I think that it’s only me and her in the arena. I take of the shoes on the socks, like I always do. The 6000 screaming Finns suddenly don’t exist. It’s only Finland’s Jonna Mäkelä and I, and in a moment we are going to fight for that penalty shot. The one in the World Cup-final. Läs mer

World Cup-gold! A final as it should be, insanely exciting!

postad den by Gittan Ahonen Gunnarzon |

Sunday and what a hangover in many ways. But what a great feeling it is the day after the World Cup-gold for the Swedish women. Big congratulations to everyone involved! We rewind the tape to yesterday. Läs mer

Thoren Innovation Scholarship 2015 chosen

postad den by Krönikör |

Congratulations Kristina Landgren! Classical question, but how are you feeling?

It’s warming to receive such an award, it’s a receipt that other people see and follow my journey in floorball. Fantastic, thank you so much! Läs mer

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