German 1.FBL: Kaufering can’t win in 2015

postad den by Daniel Mahnken |

The Red Hocks Kaufering lost all their games in this year so far. After a 7: 8 in Dresden on Saturday they also lost in Weißenfels – 1: 10. Beneficiary of this negative streak is Berlin: BAT wins at the weekend twice and is now ahead of Bayern.

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postad den by Camilla Granström |

During a couple of weeks, it has been a very intensive matching in both the women’s and the men’s SSL. This is of course because if the almost one month long World Cup-break in December. Läs mer

MVP Hyvärinen

postad den by Gittan Ahonen Gunnarzon |

Now there’s more life here at FZ. Not only I that have gotten a call from the big boss. I like to write often and a lot. But my job situation makes it so that I need to perform both day and night. At least for a couple of months, until things start to settle. I have just finished a week’s exhibition work and a sales conference during a couple of days. During that time, we got the summer’s news presented for us. Contrasts if you look out the window since the snow covers the ground. Anyway. A lot of interesting books. What about Millennium 4… That will be hot. Läs mer

Swedish Floorball on field 2 in ethics and morale

postad den by Lasse Granqvist |

You know the story. During the game between Sirius and Mullsjö, a Sirius player got spat on by David Gillek in Mullsjö. Läs mer

Age fixation and failing organization

postad den by Björn Larsson |

During the Saturday, I refereed floorball in, among other places, Eriksdalshallen after the game between Djurgården and Järfälla. Since editor Thomsson nowadays belongs to Djurgården, I felt a metaphysical power to throw out another post without it having to pass two months. Läs mer

Money, money, money, always the money

postad den by Magnus Stenbenke |

What drives the human? In almost all cases, I would say motivation or different motivators. But these motivators can vary from person to person.

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Tight at the Top

postad den by James Arter |

Its been a while since i posted last with the league taking a break over the Christmas break. There have been a few matches played but as a University team the fixture list is organised to give us a longer Christmas break than most.

We are getting close to the business end of the season now and things are very tight at the top of the league with the top 4 teams on equal points. I feel that we have a decent chance of qualifying for the end of the season playoff by finishing in the top two. We have four matches left and the two games against  Wakefield and Rhinos being key. We’ve beaten Rhinos already this season but will need to play well again and we also have to put in a good performance against Wakefield but if we do we’ll probably make the top 2 for the first time in the clubs history!

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Best of 1!

postad den by Robert Gyris |

Hey there! It was also a while ago for me since I last wrote here at FZ. I have been a bit out of the zone lately, time to get in the zone again. BUT nothing serious, just the usual, that exactly everything happens at the exact same time exactly all the time. Except for one thing, that happens only once a year. Läs mer

Repeat offenders

postad den by Anton Jonsson |

Have been discovered by the boss that I haven’t written anything since the World Cup and that has its reasons. The foremost is that I haven’t had that much to say in all debates. But now I think that it is time to air a little. Läs mer

When a goalie is thinking at the gym, can it be heard in the floorball hall?

postad den by Fred Lafquist |

Yesterday Tuesday I got a angry text message from big boss (well I got a message at least) that I was missed at FZ.

I don’t know if it’s really true that I have been missed, but I might have had some guilty conscience for not being able to take some time and put down some lines.
If there is anyone that has missed me, I respectfully apologize for my absence! I can’t promise that it will be better in the future, but I am really going to try doing my best to lift us goalies out more in the spotlight that is FloorballZone.

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