A look at the division 1 series.

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Now I am writing here again. The keys are glowing again despite the time being a bit short. But like I promised last time, there was going to be a review of the different division 1 series after all the games this weekend and of course I keep my promises. We start with the series where my beloved Duvbo plays. Läs mer

Norwegian floorball, refereeing and Allsvensk floorball

postad den by Björn Larsson |

Back in Sweden again. Last time I wrote here on the blog, I had adventures in Oslo coming up. I was going to see a game in the men’s elite series but instead I got to see Tunet’s men’s juniors and Tunet’s women play. When I watched the men’s juniors game, I realized what a long way Norwegian floorball has to go because their top teams would be bottom teams in Stockholm’s lowest junior series. Okay technique but big faults in the tactical knowledge as well as in the physical play. Läs mer

SSL’s agenda and games as well as the World Cup

postad den by Gittan Ahonen Gunnarzon |

A long and full post about the SSL-unions agenda, a big run-through of series games and of course the World Cup. Läs mer

The series-leaders visiting

postad den by Johan Lundqvist |

It’s been a while since I wrote, the time hasn’t been there since I have been having a full schedule everywhere. Crazy at work combined with practices for Duvbo as well as for the boy’s soccer team, and maybe you understand that I am very busy. But now I am back and writing some lines. Läs mer

Latest matches and the WFC2014

postad den by James Arter |

Last weekend was our latest matches against Milton Keynes and Warwick firsts and we were looking forward to two close games.

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The World Cup is close!

postad den by Anton Jonsson |

With the World Cup in Gothenburg only three weeks away, most of the interesting troops have been announced. Sweden and Switzerland turned in their lineups during the Monday and Finland and the Czech Republic has already sent in their 20-men troops. Läs mer

World Cup-goalkeepers

postad den by Fred Lafquist |

No it didn’t really end up like I thought and wanted.

Vaara bets on Åman/Rehn for the World Cup.

Because of Klintsten’s injury, there are some questions about his shape, they said when the 30-men troop was chosen. Yes that might be, but since he came back from the injury he has shown great shape and I think it’s a strange decision to not have Klinsten in the World Cup. Experience and skill should have been enough according to me. Läs mer

Team Japan in WFC

postad den by Hirotsugu Umeda |

The most exciting event in floorball, WFC,  is coming next month.  Team Japan has new members for the WFC-selection.

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The World Cup & the women’s series structure

postad den by Gittan Ahonen Gunnarzon |

The floorball continues on. A derby week of sorts and the World Cup is coming closer. It is now less than a month to the fall’s big floorball fest. I would have wanted to be in place in Gothenburg, that was the plan. But someone booked a flight to Thailand the 14th of December. Typical but I think I’ll survive. Läs mer

Round 7 in Switzerland

postad den by Sophia Molin |

So time for round 7 for the ladies. It has really been a interesting serie so far, the top teams are not longer that strong as before and everyone really can beat anyone, which I think for the game is perfect!

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