Interview with the scholarship receivers

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This year’s winner of Thoren Youth Player

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Thoren FZ

For the third year in a row, Thorengruppen together with FZ and Exel award a prize to two promising floorball talents on the women’s respectively the men’s side. The criteria are, except for skill, also to have the courage to dare to go your own way, the power to complete it and a strong passion for the floorball.

This year’s winners are with the motivations:

Alice have shown great courage when she dared to go her own way for the sake of her future development. She has also shown power through her athletic successes both nationally and internationally. That together has also made her passion for floorball reach new levels. She is the star of the future today already.”

Simon’s courage to stay for the sake of his own development has shown itself to be a wise decision, since both successes in club teams as well as district team have come true. He has also shown Power and Passion through his leadership on and off the field as well as a strong will to always want to develop.”

Joakim Ekblom, ThorenGruppen
David Stenlund, Exel Floorball

5 gold against 9

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Will Wiler Ersigen take home the 10th medal? Or do Alligator Malans have something up there sleeves? Let the game begin!

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ThorenGruppen Trophy – Youth player of the year!

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It is now the third year in a row that we, ThorenGruppen, give out our prize during the SM-finals to two young promising players on the girl’s respectively boy’s side. The prize is called Thorengruppen – Youth player of the Year, and has quickly grown to become a sought-after prize to be awarded. Just like former years, it isn’t only the talent that is going to be the deciding factor, but also what courage the player have had to make their own way, what power the player have to make it come true and what passion the player have for what he/she loves the most – the floorball.
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A last blog post…

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Thursday and the day after tomorrow it happens. I went by Globen today to run some errands and bumped into some floorball people in the arranger-gang. The party feeling has started. So right that the finals are back in the big ball and in Stockholm. Läs mer

Super Final time

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On Saturday, Swiss floorball will shake! The first ever Super final and the season 14/15 has reach its end.
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New clothes and this is how it ends

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The time is ticking down, in a few days the floorball-season 14/15 is over for most. In Globen, our four best senior teams are going to put the dot over the i in front of full bleachers. Some are there for the first time, some aren’t. Is there any difference? Läs mer

Final week ehh weekend!

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Finale week! The life of a floorball player isn’t so glamorous so that the players have free time to charge. Work and studying doesn’t take match preparations in consideration. Also the last practice week for the season has started. Details, free shot variations and special teams are perfected. Possibly rehabilitation for some, but I think that most practice as usual. You can’t alter routines too much, that’s what has made the teams end up in the finale in the first place. Läs mer

Congratulations Gävle!

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Then it was finally decided and what drama it became. Gävle are miraculously ready for SSL and I am extra happy for the team’s practice-willing Emil Söderström who joined the team before the season, big congratulations!

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Ahead of the final

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So we now know the teams for both the male and female SSL grand final, I hope for some good close matches and entertaining floorball. I’m aware that playing a tight defence is important but it does get a bit boring when teams spend two or three minutes passing the ball around at the back – hit it forwards and dare to score!

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