The Stockholm floorball on elite level and audience numbers. What happens? What doesn’t?

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As a thinker of status, it is now time to throw out some opinions left and right. Maybe there will be some more or less swings too? We’ll see during fall and spring. More nuanced opinions are mixed with emotional. Why? Because I’m human of course! Floorballzone feels like a good forum to do this on. I am generally pro innovative ideas and especially around the floorball. People who wants something and that has ambitions is exciting to follow. Everything isn’t correct all the time, but aim high and you might get halfway at least? FZ is a good example of things that lifts the floorball. The pressure is high however since there are many smart people who write their thoughts in this forum. Nah, it’s nice with some pressure? I will put in a chronicle at times and I thank you beforehand for shown interest in my works. I look forward to many comments with opinions. Läs mer

1. German Floorball Bundesliga: Some Teams are nothing without their scandinavian players

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The ranking of the 1st Floorball Bundesliga (FBL) is slowly beginning to divide into tops and flops. Weissenfels and Berlin are the only teams remaining without a point loss. After the third defeat in a row for Wernigerode you can claim this false start. Kaufering, Lilienthal and Hamburg got important points in their games.

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Champions Cup and some SSL

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After five days in Gothenburg and then after that trying to catch up to everything else at work and in life. It is finally blog time. Which will mainly be about the just finished Champions Cup. I start by congratulating Kais Mora and Falun who handled the favorite pressure and won their finals and therefore got the gold medals. Läs mer

Is it really a parody, David?

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The super league’s most unlucky player is in the hot air. After the weekend’s game against Dalen, David Gillek’s name has once again been in the headlines. Läs mer

And now the horses have set off

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Now there’s been two rounds of the Allsvenska North played and the critics have started to sharpen their pencils (well). Läs mer

1. German Floorball Bundesliga: Kickstart for Lilienthal and derby in Leipzig

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On the 2. gameday in Germany the MFBC Leipzig benefits from its individual strength in the derby against SC DHfK Leipzig, Ronkanen shines at the game with ten points. Lilienthal beats Kaufering, Weissenfels defeats Wernigerode, Berlin struggles in Hamburg and Chemnitz wins Halle.

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Sleeping like a child – and avoiding recycling on Sundays

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I really understand that small children sleep a lot, because it it tiring to take in new impressions. I have either been struck by some kind of “I need to sleep like a baby-virus” (in other words, like 16 hours a day) or it’s simply so that my brain is burning up by: Läs mer

Chance to win a World champion shoes!

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IMG_2032 (1)

Now you have the chance to win big! If you can guess who this is, you have a big chance to win a world champions ADIDAS shoes, named and all. Don’t miss this!

The rules are…

  1. Follow us on Instagram, “FloorballZone_”
  2. Write the name of the player in the picture
  3. Tag 2 friends that will then follow us on Instagram
  4. Add “Done!” in the comment
  5. You have until October 11, 2015 to finish.
    FloorballZone will then contact the winner and you will have this shoes in your hands.

Good luck, get in the zone!

The starting rounds

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Hi! It’s been a while since last time and there has been a lack of posts from my side. But at the same time as SSL started, I took my family and friends and flew to Florida. So I have only managed to keep track of the results and only seen some highlights from some games. I have had my days filled with amusement parks, sun and swimming…. Läs mer

Win 2 tickets to the finals 2016!

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Be the first to secure two tickets to the SSL finals in april 2016! During season 15/16 we will give you the chance to win big prices from the stars in todays floorball. And now you get the chance to see them live!

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