Kick-off, Karlstad and the floorball’s packaging

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On Tuesday, the kick-off meeting for the Swedish Super League women and men was arranged. A new grip was tested, the coaches weren’t in places but a player from each team was interviewed on stage. Since a work meeting stopped me from participating (sad!), I have heard from people in place that it was appreciated. And that Micke Fasth and Robban Tennisberg did a great job as interviewer and host. But also that the coaches should have been there. If the absence has economical reasons, I think that SIBF and SEI should really think about if it’s really these costs that they are going to cut into. However many media wrote about the meeting and that is incredibly important. Läs mer

My SSL-prediction!

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This is how the SSL-men season 2015-2016 will end! Läs mer

A uncool northerner who has landed in Switzerland

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When the question about potential blogging came, it started with: “Hi coolio”. I thought: “Sorry to disappoint you”. Because I am honestly not very cool. Maybe I thought so when I was 18 and sprayed my at the moment pink mohawk very hard, but since then reality has caught up to me. I am not very angry either, not very zorroing, very shooting or very frightening. Here it’s okay to stop reading if you would have hoped that it was going to be about how I shoot a hole in the goal-net, crush clubs and scream angry things in German. No, there will probably be a lot less of that. It will anyway be about someone who has managed to do pretty much with pretty small raw talent – but with a lot more heart and stubbornness. This will in other words be about me, narcissistically enough. Läs mer

Get behind the Zone!

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Nice that it is season again! The kick-offs meetings are done, the practice games played, soon season premiere. Therefore there might not be a lot about the games themselves in this blog, more of what leads to it becoming games or blogs or.. What someone have thought up and worked up but which isn’t seen in the spotlight. Isch… Läs mer

Give me the premiere games now!

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Now I’m tired of waiting for the premiere round in SSL for this season. Warberg IC choose to play most of their games away from home this season, so I haven’t gone to any live games yet. I’m starting to get tired of waiting for the club’s web broadcasts or for a game in Sparbanken Wictory Center. Some teams have had practice games/tournaments this weekend. Kallsta Open, Sibylla Games, Champy Cup and whatever their called… Läs mer

Top 4, DM-final & Tess Karlsson

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Friday night and what do I do? Well, I blog. After three days of partying, couch position was the only right thing. We have finally released Millennium 4 “The girl in the spider’s web” and celebrated big time and enjoyed the success. A rare luxury to be a part of this kind of a world success. It will be the most sold book by the end of the year. I promise. So since the will for writing is still alive, I have composed the last part of the women’s end table: top four. Läs mer

Introduction and Floorball Focus in the United States

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My name is Jonas Laeben and I am the new blogger for the United States. I have been living in the U.S, in New York City to be more precise, for the past 8 years.

I have played floorball for most of my life in one way or another and my highlights include a win in the intramural floorball games at A8, Boden (artillery). I’m also a dual Dutch champion with FB Agents Amsterdam as well as a gold medalist in the U.S Nationals with Manhattan Kings, New York.

Besides playing floorball on various teams, I have also spent quite some time on the administrative side of floorball. I was President of New York City Floorball from 2010 – 2014, and I have served on the Board of Directors of the United States Floorball Association since 2012.

A few years ago, I founded Generation Floorball, a company focusing on the growth of floorball in the United States. Our goal is to make floorball accessible to children and youth organizations across America. We work closely with schools and recreational centers regarding floorball programming as well as hockey teams and off-ice training solutions, #Floorball4Hockey

My blog contributions will discuss the growth of Floorball in the United States and how it can help kids have more active and healthy lives.

Floorball – The white sport

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In the end of the 1980s, a new phenomenon sees the light of day in Sweden; The Sweden Democrats are officially founded on the 6th of February 1988. From the ashes of formerly neo-nazi organizations like Keep Sweden Swedish and the new Swedish movement, a movement begins that after only 27 years stands on the edge of becoming Sweden’s biggest party.
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The national team & SSL

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It’s been a few days since the last national team troop was announced, so you probably know all about it. But I have to leave a couple of comments anyway. The troop in itself isn’t really any surprise, constantly good players on all positions. I can agree with Jan-Erik Vaara that it will be hard to chose some new players now when there has been a holiday from games and there are only games to be played, not a lot of space to test new players. I would like to see Emil Johansson (IBF Falun) as a defender instead of a forward. I think he works better from that position and utilizes his knowledge more. Läs mer

Hello Again!

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Hello again floorball fans! I’ve once again been asked to write a bit about following and playing the sport out here in the floorballing desert that is Great Britain.

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