Champions Cup och ekonomiska fadäser

postad den by Gittan Ahonen Gunnarzon |

Imorgon onsdag startar Champions Cup. Under tisdagen flög Sveriges representanter Djurgården och Falun till Schweiz.  Som jag ser det, har DIF inte mycket till konkurrens förutom finska SB. Falun där emot har det lite tuffare även om jag håller dem som stora favoriter. Som vanligt är det de finska och schweiziska lagen som kan rå på den svenska storfavoriten. Det ska bli riktigt intressant att se Kim Nilsson i sin nya omgivning i Grasshoppers.

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How is it possible?

postad den by Johan Lundqvist |

21-7, yes you are reading that correctly. Visby won against Älvsjö at home in Södervändshallen with these numbers. Almost 700 on the bleachers in other words got to see a whole of 28 goals where the home team stood for 21 of these. I can guess that the people from Gotland were having a good time on the bleachers. The new acquisition Joakim Turunen stood for a total of 11 points in the game. I ask the question “How is it possible” to let in 21 goals? I wonder how the talk was among the Älvsjö-boys when they took the boat home to the mainland again for the journey to the Island is probably something they quickly want to forget. Läs mer

Before Champions Cup

postad den by Camilla Granström |

It’s been a while, there has simply been a lot of other things getting in between. It easily gets that way when Jonas has his floorball and I have my involvement in the floorball. Some periods simply are fuller than others :) Läs mer

First matches

postad den by James Arter |

Today was the start of the UK floorball season with a 3 on 3 tournament which was open to all teams in England. It was also the first time I had met up with the team after our long summer break and for most of them was the first competitive floorball since late march.

We had a couple of lines of players but it was still a shock to the system to play a couple of hours of floorball after such a break a factor that really cost us towards the end of the day.

All in all we won three and lost three of the first 6 round robin matches and then lost the playoff to finish 8th out of 14 teams. We played fairly well given our early season rustiness and I felt like we always carried a threat going forwards. As ever we occasionally left ourselves open at the back and things would have been much worse were it not for the goalie who we borrowed from a different team who didn’t play in the tournament, he really kept us in the game.

Managed to get a few goals and set up a few chances but definitely need to improve my fitness!

With this tournament out of the way we are getting ready for the start of the season proper with matches in a fortnight against a new team called Wakefield Wolves and a team we have played for several seasons from Warwick uni. We are holding our introductory sessions this coming week for new freshers at the university and hope to find few new players to fill the gaps that we have in the team. A couple of goalies would be great as both our first and second keepers left over the summer leaving us a little lacking in the keeping department. As ever we hope to find a bunch of experienced foreign players to add some class to our side but i think we’ll be lucky if this is the case!


So we now have 2 weeks to try to find some new players and get them to gel into a unit for our first games. Should be easy!!




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New weekend, new games

postad den by Jakob Axelsson |

Another new floorball weekend will soon be over. All teams in Allsvenskan South has played this weekend, three games were played on Saturday and three today Sunday. Läs mer

Balrog the Allsvenska’s cat

postad den by Björn Larsson |

While writing this I am sat on the countryside and catching my breath after a week of chopping down trees up on my working place in Värmland. No I don’t work with forestry, however I work with camp activities which means very varied tasks and hours which unfortunately makes the possibility to combine this with floorball slimmer. However I am injured enough by the plastic that I during a free day this summer went to witness Hagfors’ newly built floorball hall, a much-needed new building. Läs mer

Kräftskiva & round 2

postad den by Sophia Molin |

Todays blog will be a part of being a patriot in Switzerland and getting ready for round 2 and 3! When you live outside Sweden border, your traditions grows so much bigger! I have now been here five years and I´m a patriot when it comes to your swedish traditions such as midsommar (midsummer), kräftskiva (crayfish party), Lucia, Christmas and so on… And I´m happy to have some great swedish friends here that also loves our swedish traditions.

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32 games!!!

postad den by Johan Lundqvist |

is played the next weekend in the div 1 series all from Arvidsjaur to Landsrona. Div 1 Norrland had their premiere and other series play round 2. I will give you a bit shorter summary in the different series after the weekend’s games but the most clear focus is on Div 1 Eastern Svealand. Läs mer

Equipment and its weight to be able to perform on top

postad den by Fred Lafquist |

Do you remember the pants fight in the national team a couple of years ago when Klintsten didn’t get to play with his own goalkeeper pants?

The weight of knowing your equipment and to get to play in it can’t be underestimated so I understood Klinsten’s attitude to 100% and stood behind it straight away. Imagine that Henke Lundqvist is going to go and play he Olympics and Mårts says that he has to have a pair of completely new shin guards that he hasn’t tried before. Maybe you understand the reasoning? Läs mer

New York Zity

postad den by Robert Gyris |

Last season (?) I saw a cool video on social media, a guy who zorrar on, and in New York. It is made by the people behind Generation Floorball who wants to spread Floorball in the United States. I’ve talked to the guy who zorrar.

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