IKSU till semi, enkel LIBK-vinst och DIF utslagna

postad den by Gittan Ahonen Gunnarzon |

Dags för ännu ett blogginlägg. Kul när det finns så många heta matcher att skriva om.
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Friday and two hot quarterfinals

postad den by Gittan Ahonen Gunnarzon |

The rain poured down over Stockholm this Friday. I decided to end the week earlier after many hours overtime. Went by Sats and did their Performance High Intensity. Interval training for 45 minutes. Just to feel that I was alive. Dragged myself to the subway and lo and behold, I didn’t buy chocolate home! You who know, you know. Läs mer

What are Mullsjö doing?

postad den by Lasse Granqvist |

In front of raving home supporters in what apparently is TV4′s favorite hall, Nyhemshallen, Mullsjö AIS ran over the opposition in the seventh and deciding quarterfinal. Läs mer

Pixbo, Rönnby & Mora ready for the semi

postad den by Gittan Ahonen Gunnarzon |

Just came home from Eriksdalshallen, I blog a few lines about the fourth quarterfinal between Djurgården and Pixbo. A prestige-game after word ward during the quarterfinal-series and sure Pixbo were favorites in tonight’s game too. Läs mer

Let the fun begin!

postad den by Sophia Molin |

Long time no seen… What have happened since last time? A lot of things but will cover up the biggest news!

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Breaking barriers

postad den by Kimmo Eskelinen |

WOW! FC Helsingborg did what many including me thought to be almost unthinkable. How it happened and why is something I haven’t quite understood yet. Läs mer

Playoffs and reports – what a parody!

postad den by Gittan Ahonen Gunnarzon |

Here we go! A quick and spontaneous blog post. After the youngest daughter’s theater show (is it called that?) I went home to log on for Rönnby-Dalen. 79 SEK is pretty expensive for a web broadcast. Light ball on light floor. But anyway. I doubted a bit since I also felt like I wanted to see Åixbo-DIF but since I haven’t seen any game in the quarterfinal-series between Rönnby-Dalen, I chose that game. Läs mer

Latest news about the quarterfinal-rounds

postad den by Gittan Ahonen Gunnarzon |

Living in the playoffs-bubble – in my own way. I see games live and on the web and on the tv. Don’t have so much time over for anything but sports. Läs mer

The qualifications can begin

postad den by Johan Lundqvist |

Finally time! Now the playoffs begin!! 4 weeks left of the season. Only to step up and speed on. 24 teams are going to fight for 6 spots in the Allsvenska for season 2015/2016. Läs mer

JB a danger to the juridical security

postad den by Lasse Granqvist |

David Gillek has been suspended for the rest of the quarterfinal-series between his Mullsjö AIS and Växjö Vipers. A decision that surely invites for a debate. Läs mer

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