Although facing many difficulties before the determination of the opponent, but in the end Chelsea still overcome difficulties and together with Sevilla won tickets to the 1/8 round of the Champions League 2020/2021.

Red alert to Timo Werner

The one-way game was shown by Chelsea right after the opening whistle. In fact, people who watch live football of this match all admit that the Blues would have had a much easier game if the expensive striker they brought in last summer, Timo Werner, did not continue to experience. a disappointing match.

In the 4 minute, Callum Hudson-Odoi did everything hard before launching a favorable cross for the German striker. However, when the front was only an empty goal, Werner still finished to the sky with the surprise of his teammates and coach Frank Lampard. This incredible miss affected Werner’s mentality dramatically in the following minutes. Even in the situation where Giroud scored at the last minute, Werner still received countless criticisms when he finished gently in the previous situation.

The reason why Mount is a good player of Lampard

Only appearing on the field for 68 minutes, but Manson Mount still received the title of player of the match. The English midfielder not only played actively, continuously supported the defense effectively, but also made a positive contribution to the attacking front.

Chelsea’s opening goal in this match was Mason Mount’s stunning image and a testament to why he was an irreplaceable player under Lampard. A strong dispute, a quick observation and a swing of the foot that brought the ball to the right range of Hudson-Odoi at a distance of nearly 30 meters, all speak for superior qualities in a money world leader.

Giroud is still very valuable to Chelsea

Football predators have repeatedly speculated about the possibility that Giroud will leave Chelsea in the January transfer window. In the context of the duo Timo Werner and Tammy Abraham are playing quite well in the spearhead, Chelsea has forgotten a classy goalscorer on the bench during the past time. However, after the match with Rennes, it is possible that the Stamford Bride team will have to think again.

Once again, Giroud brought a solution for Chelsea when the team needed the most urgent and quick approach to the opponent’s goal. Not only did he show a very good role as a wall in the minutes he was on the field, the French striker also showed his class with the forte of the battle to bring the decisive goal to bring the ticket to the 1/8 round for Chelsea. With what has been shown, it will be a pity for Chelsea if they lose Giroud at this year’s winter market.