There are many debates over which leagues are the best to follow or have the best players compete—or even which are the most competitive and cultural diverse in terms of who can challenge for honours.

However, it’s often rated based on personal preference, so this article will give a mathematically ordered breakdown, an amalgamation of factors to find out exactly which league is the most competitive overall among 26 top-flight leagues around world football to present our definitive ranking.

Criteria and Ranking
While several second-tier competitions can be categorized as good quality or impressive, they lack the absolute element of excitement that is found only at the pinnacle of individual nation’s league system. For that reason, only top flight clubs were included.

A few group of the criteria will be used for subjectivity, including the financial value of each league and their reputation for nurturing exciting young players, but much of it is drawn from factual data.

The biggest transfer fees, average number of goals per game in the league, highest value XI by market value and attendances are all factored taken into account.
Each league was scored from 1 to 10 in each area, with the highest or best in each area received a 10; for example, the Swiss Super League scores averages 3.5 goals per game, higher than any other league, so it scored a 10. Every other league scored nine or lower according to how many less goals they scored on average.

The scores for each group are then totalled and divided, giving a final average score across the board for each league with the position they can be ranked accordingly.

From the 26th to 15th respectively, Egyptian Premier League (2.0), Indian Super League (2.3), Super League Greece (2.3), Qatar Stars League (2.4), Arabian Gulf League (2.6), Australian A-League (2.6), Polish Ekstraklasa (2.8), Scottish Premier League (3.1), Argentinian Primera Division (3.1), Japanese J1 League (3.5), Turkish SuperLig (3.6), Ukrainian Premier League (3.8).