The lucky draw has brought two good candidates for the championship, Man Utd and Man City, to meet each other in the Carabao Cup semi-finals, while Tottenham only had to clash with Brentford.

Last night, the final tickets for the Carabao Cup semi-finals were confirmed. Man Utd and Tottenham, after convincing victories over Everton and Stoke City, are the last two names in the fourth round of the tournament’s strongest team. Before that, Man City and phenomenon Brentford were clubs that had a capacity.

Right on the night before, the draw ceremony to divide the two matches of the Carabao Cup 2020/2021 semi-finals was held. Specifically, two indebted rivals Man Utd and Man City will encounter each other, while Tottenham is the lucky name with the lightest visit – Brentford.

For people who watch football live, the Derby to Manchester will certainly attract the most attention. Man City is the king of the Carabao Cup when teachers and coaches Pep Guardiola are the champions of this tournament for three consecutive seasons. Do not forget that in the journey to the throne last season, Man Utd was one of the names that lost the match against The Citizen.

Meanwhile, this is a great opportunity for coach Mourinho to get his first title with Tottenham and also to end the thirst for titles that have lasted more than 12 years from the London team. However, football experts say it will be a mistake if Tottenham underestimates Brentford. Do not forget that in the process of creating Brentford’s miracle this season, they have defeated the representatives from the Premier League such as Southampton, West Brom, Fulham or Newcastle.

However, if you beat Brentford to play in the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup, this is a great opportunity for Tottenham to win the championship. This season, Spurs has defeated both Man Utd and Man City in the Premier League convincingly. Notably, in the last time Man City failed to take the throne in the Carabao Cup (2017), the ones who defeated them to take the throne were Man Utd under the reign of the Portuguese ruler.

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