Schedule C1 2020 semi-final: Bayern Munich vs Lyon

Schedule of the European Cup semi-final 2020 after the Covid-19 epidemic. View the latest live schedule of the European Champions League 2020 football live today.

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2019/20 Champions League was interrupted for nearly 6 months. It was not until early August that the club-level continental No. 1 tournament started to return to matches in the eighth round.

On the morning of August 9, the last two matches in the second round of the 1/8 Champions League round took place. That was when the fans knew all eight teams won tickets to the quarterfinals, including Atalanta, PSG, RB Leipzig, Atletico Madrid, Barca, Bayern Munich, Man City and Lyon.

Instead of playing at home or away, since the quarterfinals, teams will focus on Lisbon to attend the mini Champions League, the format is one-round knockout.

In other words, the teams will only meet once and have no return match. This mini Champions League started on August 13 and ended on August 24 with a final.

Like in the National Championship, each team is allowed to replace up to 5 players, with the 6th player allowed in extra time. However, each team has only 3 chances to make a substitution, with a 4th chance being applied at overtime, except for a substitution made at mid-time, before the start of overtime. and the break between extra periods. This was passed after a proposal from FIFA and approved by IFAB to reduce the impact of the tight schedule.

Schedule for the quarterfinals of the Cup

2:00, August 13: Atalanta 1-2 PSG (1)

2:00, August 14: Leipzig 2-1 Atletico Madrid (2)

2:00 August 15: Barca 2-8 Bayern Munich (3)

8:00, August 16: Man City 1-3 Lyon (4)

Schedule for the semi-finals of the Cup

2:00, August 18: PSG vs Leipzig (1)

2:00 August 19: Bayern Munich vs Lyon (2)

Schedule of the final Champions League final

8:00, August 24: Win semi-finals 1 vs Win semi-finals 2

C1 Cup return: The most bizarre season in history, will there be a surprise new king? (Part 2)

Top candidates

Atletico Madrid. In addition to the aforementioned analysis, their chances increased significantly when Leipzig in the quarterfinals was an army that was no longer Timo Werner after the transfer to Chelsea, and Christian Poulsen was injured. And Atletico is unbeaten in 19 consecutive games with the terrifying form of Alvaro Morata & Marcos Llorente.

Paris Saint-Germain. Frankly speaking, even if there are enough Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, PSG can not be rated as stronger than Atletico, not to mention they have to overcome a scary Atalanta attack in the quarterfinals and have not played much in the past 6 months. However, Neymar was born to shine in knockout matches.

Cúp C1 trở lại: Mùa giải lạ kỳ nhất lịch sử, sẽ có tân vương bất ngờ? - 2

Atalanta. The top scoring team in Europe with the most chances of finishing, and also the most powerful team in Serie A when calculating the distance traveled. Big losses for them when Ilicic will not play, but Atalanta has up to 6 other players who have scored 7 or more goals this season only in Serie A.

Bayern Munich. Too strong, full force and effective tactics. They will easily beat Chelsea, but the problem is whether they can maintain their strength when the competition is full of difficult opponents in a row.

Man City. They are strong enough to overcome Real Madrid, and when Laporte is in the extremely solid City defense, keep clean sheets in the last 7/10 matches.

Cúp C1 trở lại: Mùa giải lạ kỳ nhất lịch sử, sẽ có tân vương bất ngờ? - 3

Juventus / Barcelona. Juventus’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala and Barca’s Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez or Barca’s Antoine Griezmannare both big players capable of deciding big matches. But the tactics of these two teams are very lackluster and there is no guarantee they will surpass Lyon or Napoli.

Real Madrid. They have the best defense in Europe but will have to meet Man City without Sergio Ramos and have to attack and score at least 2 goals. Their chances will increase significantly if they pass the eighth round even though the branch is “huge”.

Son Heung Min bumper prize, reached the top 9 STAR attack of Europe

Son Heung Min won yet another individual award after last season and became one of the nine most comprehensive attacking players in Europe.

Tottenham’s 2019/20 season is not really perfect. After returning to the Champions League runner-up, Spurs dropped their form, leading to the dismissal of mid-season coach, early splash in cup tournaments, traumatic injuries and they ended the season with a first-time loss in the top 4. since 2015.

But in that context, Korean striker Son Heung Min proved to be extremely stable and had the best season of his career. He scored 11 goals & 11 assists in 30 Premier League appearances, becoming one of the 3 Premier League players this season to reach dozens of goals and assists. The other two are superstars: Kevin De Bruyne & Mohamed Salah.

Son Heung Min bội thu giải thưởng, lọt top 9 SAO tấn công của châu Âu - 1

He also performed well in the Champions League with 5 goals & 1 assist to help Tottenham reach the 1/8 round, the tournament can be said to be a “bright spot” quite a few in a gray season of the North London Club. Son not only won but also won the club’s best goal of the season with a brilliant solo performance against Burnley.

Son Heung Min was recently voted the Tottenham Player of the Season according to the votes of legends. This award was presented last year and awarded to midfielder Moussa Sissoko, but this year Son also won 4 other club awards: The best goal of the season, the best player of the season by Club Members (season ticket buyers) ) voted, Player of the season voted by the Little Club Member, and Player of the Season voted by the Official Tottenham Supporting Association.

Son Heung Min bội thu giải thưởng, lọt top 9 SAO tấn công của châu Âu - 2

Giving Son the award, legendary defender Graham Roberts representing former Tottenham players said the award is entirely worth it because Son has shown the enthusiasm in the competition that other players should follow.

“Without Harry Kane for a long time, he stood up, devoted himself to the team in every way possible and always smiled when the game was over. He was the best person for us to award: A people diligent and always know how to evoke optimism with the fans, “Mr Roberts said. After the top 5 leagues in Europe have ended, a total of only 9 players have reached dozens of goals and assists. Son has the honor to be on the same list as De Bruyne (Man City), Salah (Liverpool), Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Jadon Sancho (Dortmund), Mikel Oyarzabal (Real Sociedad), Alassane Plea (Gladbach), Domenico Berardi (Gladbach), Domenico Berardi (Gladbach) Sassuolo) and Serge Gnabry (Bayern Munich). 

C1 Cup return: The most bizarre season in history, will there be a surprise new king?

The Champions League is back in the context of the changing game format because of Covid-19, creating a significant opportunity for a new champion to take the throne.

The Champions League is about to return (August 8) and until now people have known both the format and the results of the quarter-final draw. After the remaining matches in the eighth round are completed to close the eight quarter-final teams, the remaining matches of the tournament will be conducted in a knockout manner directly in just 1 match.

Due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, matches starting in the quarterfinals will be held in Lisbon, Portugal and there will be no spectators. Teams will be allowed to replace a maximum of 5 people in 90 minutes and add a sixth person for extra time, but the substitution for each team in 90 minutes is only 3 times and 1 more in extra time.

Cúp C1 trở lại: Mùa giải lạ kỳ nhất lịch sử, sẽ có tân vương bất ngờ? - 1

The quarter-final draw has officially determined that this year’s Champions League final will feature a team that has never won (Leipzig – Atletico – Atalanta – PSG). But it is only a branch, the other branch has not officially identified the next teams and the ticket is still within the reach of the former Real Madrid kings, Juventus, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Barcelona and 3 clubs that have never been posted. Optics are Man City, Napoli and Lyon.

Changing the law will lead to surprise?

The tournament will now be no different from the format of the World Cup, which means teams will not have a chance to remake and just one mistake will lead to failure of the campaign. And it also seems that this means teams that have never won a championship, or the phenomena of the tournament, may be surprised.

It is a fact that in the 2019/20 season has passed, in addition to Liverpool and PSG, the remaining national championships in the top 5 of Europe (Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A) all witnessed the formations of instability. certain of the coronation team (Bayern – Juventus – Real Madrid). Even Liverpool dominating the Premier League were ultimately eliminated by Atletico Madrid in the eighth round and PSG lost to Dortmund in the first leg before turning up in the second leg.

Cúp C1 trở lại: Mùa giải lạ kỳ nhất lịch sử, sẽ có tân vương bất ngờ? - 2

Strong teams are used to the atmosphere of the Champions League, especially the opportunity to take control of the series at home, but now they will play neutral ground and no audience. If normal big teams can play freely and wait for the return leg to adjust their tactics, with just one match, they will become more cautious and the game will have a turning point depending on the situation. whichever side makes the mistake first.

A typical example is the Atletico Madrid – Liverpool match in the round of 1/8. Liverpool at Madrid were stalemate but their goal came from a rather unfortunate situation when the ball hit Fabinho. If the match ended there, Liverpool would be “gone”, but they stormed in the second leg at Anfield and put the match into extra time until goalkeeper Adrian made a serious mistake.

Atletico beat Liverpool but this year they are not really a strong candidate. They were vicious – into the top 4 of La Liga from round 9 to round 28 and only firmly positioned in the last 8 rounds. Atletico can win against any opponent but can also lose to weaker teams, but their football style is very suitable for the cup front, so this style of play helps them have more base to go deeper.

Pau Torres: Who is the steel center of Villarreal MU is pursuing?

Born in 1997, Pau Torres is predicted by gaur experts to become an important barrier in the future of the Spanish team.

In order to strengthen “steel” for the defense, and to find a reliable partner for captain Harry Maguire, MU is planning to bring Old Trafford a center-back. According to the British press, “Red Devils” has directed attention to Pau Torres, a player of Villarreal.

Although the “Yellow Submarine” does not intend to sell mature players from their training, but with a plentiful shopping budget thanks to just winning tickets to the Champions League, MU is confident in this deal. .

Torres has just experienced an impressive season with Villarreal with 36 appearances in all competitions, scoring 2 goals and having 2 assists. 

Besides the good left leg, the 23-year-old has the ideal body shape (1.91 meters high, weighs 81 kg), so it is expected to easily adapt to the Premier League environment.

In November last year, Torres made his Spanish debut when he came on as a substitute for his brother Sergio Ramos against Malta in the Euro 2020 qualifier. Despite only playing for a few dozen minutes, Torres has been made by a local expert. Gaur is predicted to be an important barrier in the future of Gaur.

Ed Woodward looks to add Pau Torres to Manchester United's defence ...

Torres still has a 3-year contract with the Estadio de la Cerámica team. In addition to MU, the list of clubs pursuing this 23-year-old player is Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Barca.

According to Transfermarkt, Torres is valued at 30 million euros. However, if you want to own a player born in 1997 without the opinion of Villarreal, MU must spend 50 million euros to break the contract (about 45 million pounds).

Pau Torres Information:

Full name: Pau Francisco Torres

Date of birth: January 16, 1997

Place of birth: Capellades, Villarreal, Spain

Height / weight: 1.91 meters / 81 kg

Position: Center-back / left-back

Semifinal FA Cup: MU has a great opportunity to repay Chelsea

The lucky draw from the legendary Alan Shearer has revamped the 2017/18 FA Cup final.

With the victory predicted before facing opponents under the body, MU (win Norwich 2-1), Arsenal (win Sheffield United 2-1), Chelsea (win Leicester 1-0) and Man City (win). Newcastle 2-0) reached the semi-finals of the FA Cup this season, creating a miniature “four-hero” cup.

Accordingly, the lucky draw brought MU to Chelsea, thereby reproducing the FA Cup final of the 2017/18 season, then the victory belonged to “The Blues”, with the only goal on the midfielder’s 11m mark. Eden Hazard, who has now moved to Real Madrid.

In this year’s tournament, Lampard’s army passed Nottingham, Hull City, Liverpool and Leicester respectively to the semi-finals. While Man United beat Wolverhampton, Tranmere Rovers, Derby County and Norwich City. The remaining match will be a heroic letter between Arsenal and Man City.

The recent history of the FA Cup has constantly witnessed the names of four teams in the semi-finals this storming season. Man City is the champion of the tournament, Chelsea and MU met in the FA Cup final in 2017/18, Chelsea and Arsenal also met in the FA Cup final in the 2016/17 season, MU was the season champion. In 2015/16, Arsenal won two consecutive seasons, 2013/14 and 2014/15.

Of these 4 teams, Arsenal, Chelsea and MU are the three most successful names in FA Cup history. In particular, Arsenal holds a record with 13 champions, MU 12 times crowned and Chelsea 8 times.

The two semi-finals will take place on July 18 and July 19 at Wembley Stadium without the audience. The final held on August 1 is also on this pitch.

In recent seasons, the FA Cup playground has been paid more attention by the big boys by always launching a team of many 1st team players, instead of using young players. It is this that helps the professional quality of the tournament significantly increase. Typically, this season, there are four big of English football in the semi-finals.

Will Liverpool win the Premier League in the same way as Arsenal?

Liverpool will probably win the Premier League in the same way as Arsenal’s invincible, ie crowned on the field the most hated opponent.

Liverpool can humiliate rivals Everton by winning the Premier League title on their opponents’ ground next month when the tournament returns.

The two teams will meet in the Merseyside derby on June 19, 20 or 21. At that time, they knew the result of the early match between Man City and Arsenal (June 17) so a victory against Everton could be worth the championship.

Liverpool are creating a gap of 25 points compared to defending champion Man City. Winning 27/29 matches this season (1 draw, 1 loss) means that Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students need only 6 points from the remaining 9 rounds to be awarded the trophy.

If Man City lose to Arsenal on June 17, Liverpool will be confirmed as the champion on the condition of defeating the team with the city of Everton only a few days later.

In the event that this scenario occurs, Liverpool will join the list of the few clubs lucky to be crowned before their most hated opponent.

Previously, Arsenal was crowned at both Manchester’s Old Trafford and Tottenham’s While Hart Lane; In Scotland, Rangers successfully defended the championship at Celtic Park in 1999. 

1989 – Arsenal win at Anfield

Considered to be one of the most dramatic season finals in history, Arsenal entered the game with the task of winning with a goal of 2 or more goals to win.

It was a difficult task as defending champion Liverpool had won 17 of the previous 18 matches in all competitions. They have not lost 2 goals at Anfield since February 1986.

There was no goal in the first half but the drama increased after Alan Smith opened the scoring in the 52nd minute, giving the visitors hope.

Finally, the injury-time goal from Michael Thomas made Arsenal’s dream of championship a reality. 

2002 – Arsenal win at Old Trafford

Arsenal made their trip to Old Trafford in the penultimate round of the 2001/02 season in hopes of completing a historic double after winning the FA Cup.

Despite the absence of Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Tony Adams on May 8, 2002, Wenger’s team managed to defend the championship after Sylvain Wiltord won.

“Gunners” created a 7 point gap with MU and ended the campaign with 13 consecutive victories when they were unbeaten at home and scored in all 38 matches.

2004 – Arsenal win at White Hart Lane

April 25, 2004 marks the day Arsenal were “unbeatable” making history by winning the Premier League at White Hart Lane of their north London rivals.

Tottenham held Arsenal 2-2 with a late equalizer from Robbie Keane, but one point was enough for the “Gunners” to be crowned.

Coach Mourinho praised the MU star before the great battle

Before the great battle with MU, Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho praised Bruno Fernandes for how the star adapted in the English Premier League.

Bruno Fernandes, after moving to Manchester in January from Sporting Lisbon, made an immediate impact, scoring 2 goals in 3 assists in 5 Premier League matches.

MU fans of course expect Fernandes to continue to bring that form to Tottenham Hotspur tonight in the first match of the two teams when the Premier League returns.

Speaking at a pre-match press conference, Mourinho when asked about Fernandes did not hesitate to praise the new contract of the opponent.

The Tottenham boss said that he was a good player and he played on a good team at a big club. “Usually good players will adapt and show themselves sooner or later. In the case of Fernandes, he came at a time when the team was also in a good phase with positive results. I think he did a great job”.

Tottenham had previously pursued Fernandes before MU completed the blockbuster deal with the Portuguese midfielder. Their offer was rejected by Sporting last summer, mainly due to the unrealistic bonus, which “Reds” pleased the partners.

Mourinho will now meet the team he spent two and a half years with, before being sacked in December 2018. However, the “Special One” asserts that there is no advantage when he knows a lot about Man Utd’s squad.

“To be honest, it doesn’t help. Of course, I know some of their players, but I try to know the players from every team even if I don’t have a chance to work with them, as I did with some MU guys. You try to study your opponent as much as possible because it’s normal”, Mourinho explained.

Most Entertaining Leagues in World Football (Part 5)

9. Portuguese Primeira Liga

Generally considered one among the eu leagues just outside the standard top five, Portugal’s Primeira Liga ranks at No. 9 worldwide with a 5.1 rating overall.

Portugal’s league was reasonably middle of the road across the board, but they scored well on youth reputation and highest value XI of the division.

The weakest area was goals per game; viewers can expect just 2.3 on the average within the Portuguese top flight.

8. Major League Soccer

The United States’ main league—certainly with the foremost growth and overseas interest—is major league Soccer.

Annual improvement and expansion mean MLS will only continue to gain in popularity and approval, and a 5.3 rating is already good enough for eighth place. How quickly the league as a whole progresses will depend on the types of player brought in, how well the expansion teams fare and the marketing of the organisation.

It should be noted that MLS scored fine on attendances, better than the likes of the Portuguese, Dutch, French or Japanese leagues.

7. Chinese Super League

No prizes for guessing where the big scores came from to push the Chinese Super League into the top 10.

China’s top league gained a 5.5 overall rating; terrible scores on youth development and therefore the number of traditional big clubs who go head-to-head with one another were over offset by a high-value XI, their most costly signings and the way newsworthy the league has become.

In fairness, the CSL also scores well in attendances, with their lowest-ranked team by average attendance attracting considerably higher numbers than the bottom teams from Italy, Spain, Brazil or Russia.

6. Dutch Eredivisie

Just outside the top five, the Dutch Eredivisie has always been extremely watchable to the casual observer in a detached sort of way—at least when the big teams are involved and the rivalry is obvious.

A 6.1 score was more than respectable, comfortably ahead of rival European leagues, thanks to areas of high excitement such as youth production and goals per game—just over three per game, if you fancy tuning in.

On the downside, a coffee number of established stars and not really being a league that captures the attention of the world media goes against it

Most Entertaining Leagues in World of Football (Part 1)

There’s common debate over which leagues are the best to follow or have the best players in them—or even which are the most competitive and diverse in terms of which players can challenge for honours.

However, it’s often based on personal preference, so what about a mathematically ordered breakdown, an amalgamation of factors to find out exactly which league is the most exciting overall?

In this article, we look at a total of 26 top-flight leagues around the world of football in present day.

Criteria and Ranking

While several second-tier competitions can be classed as good quality or impressive, they lack the absolute edge of excitement that is found only at the pinnacle of each nation’s league system. For that reason, only top flights were included.

One or two areas of the criteria used are subjective, including the newsworthiness of each league and their reputation for producing exciting young players, but much of it is drawn from factual data.

The highest transfer fees, average goals in each game in the league, highest value XI by market value and attendances are all taken into account.

Each league will be scored from 1 to 10 in each area, with the highest or best in each area got a 10; for example, the Swiss Super League averages 3.5 goals per game, higher than any other league, so it got a 10. Every other league got nine or lower according to how many fewer goals they had compared to the one got 10.

The scores for each area are then sum up and divided in average, giving a final average score across the board for each league with which they can be ranked accordingly.

26th: Egyptian Premier League, 2.0

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25th: Indian Super League, 2.3

24th: Super League Greece, 2.3

23rd: Qatar Stars League, 2.4

22nd: Arabian Gulf League, 2.6

21st: Australian A-League, 2.6

20th: Polish Ekstraklasa, 2.8

19th: Scottish Premier League, 3.1

18th: Argentinian Primera Division, 3.1

17th: Japanese J1 League, 3.5

16th: Turkish SuperLig, 3.6

15th: Ukrainian Premier League, 3.8

14th: Russian Premier League, 3.9

13th: Swiss Super League, 4.1

12th: Belgian Jupiler Pro, 4.3

11th: Mexican Liga MX, 4.6

10. Brasileiro Serie A