History of transfer negotiations of vice president MU, Ed Woodward showed that the “Red Devils” will be difficult to abandon Jadon Sancho case so easily.

Earlier this week, United ‘s Sancho signing deal was expected to be completed in the next few days. However, the latest information said that MU threatened to abandon this deal because the price that Dortmund offered was too high in the current financial situation.

“Red Devils” think Dortmund is being too impractical and making unreasonable claims. The German team has given a deadline to close the deal on August 10, in order not to affect their pre-season preparation plan, being viewed by MU as just a pressure blow.

MU vice president Ed Woodward is the one who understands these tricks more than anyone. He was well aware that the unprecedentedly short-term pre-season only gave Dortmund an advantage in this case. MU can not let the negotiations last all summer.

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Woodward has been criticized in the past for his negotiation tactics. Some deals were closed very fast, but others lasted for weeks, even months, before MU decided not to haggle anymore but always paid the suggested price.

This is likely the way that Woodward applies to this deal, if Dortmund is tougher than imagined. Sancho is the number one goal of MU this summer, and their abandonment as current information is a very strange event. With Bruno Fernandes, Ander Herrera and Harry Maguire, Woodward also used this tactic.

In the case of Bruno, the first proposed price from the Sporting Lisbon is 65 million pounds and MU should have been able to pay this amount in early January and always included Bruno. But then they tried to lower the Portuguese star, extending the deal to weeks later. Then on January 22, MU lost to Burnley 0-2 at home and the pressure caused Woodward to immediately pay the price mentioned above without losing any money, because at the same time there was news that Barca were interested in Bruno.

Cựu sao Bayern không tin MU vô địch Europa League mùa này

Sang Maguire, MU even wanted to buy this center-back from the summer of 2018, but said that the price of 70 million pounds is too high. However, MU still have to return to Maguire last summer because the team desperately needs a good center-back. This time Leicester rejected the £ 70m offer from the “Red Devils” and shouted for £ 90million. By the time close to the end of the transfer, MU must risk a bid at the end of £ 80 million and be accepted.

Go to Herrera case, Woodward in 2013 has just replaced David Gill and is responsible for negotiating the transfer to MU. When the “Red Devils” expressed interest in Herrera, Bilbao insisted they would not sell the star below the £ 30.5 million contract release price. But MU ignored this, proposed 24 million pounds and of course rejected.

By the end of the transfer, despite being given an extra hour to complete the procedure, Woodward still thinks that this price is too high. However, a year later, MU returned to Herrera and pay the same price to get this star. They should have owned Herrera 12 months earlier.