Brasileiro Serie A
Brazil’s national league comes in 10th place with a ranking of 4.8.
The big strength for Serie A is a fantastic reputation for nurturing huge quantities of talented young players, many of whom go on to become expensive players of European clubs, generating funds to continue producing the next batch of young players in the process.
Low attendances and an extremely low average number of goals scored per game are the minus point here.

Portuguese Primeira Liga
Generally recognized as one of the European leagues just outside the remarkable top five, Portugal’s Primeira Liga came in No. 9 worldwide with a 5.1 rating overall.
Portugal’s top flight was reasonably perform at middle level in our various categories, but they scored well on youth reputation and highest value XI of the division.
The downside area was number of goals per game; viewers can expect just 2.5 on average in the Portuguese top flight.

Major League Soccer
The United States’ main league—certainly with the most developed and overseas interest—is Major League Soccer.
Yearly improvement and expansion mean MLS will only continue to gain more popularity and approval, and a 5.5 rating is already good enough for eighth place. How rapid the league as a whole progresses will depend on the types of player that the clubs invested in, how much the expansion teams budget and the marketing of the organisation.
It should be noted that MLS get very well on attendances, better than the similar level league in Portuguese, Dutch, French or Japanese.

Chinese Super League
Chinese Super League came into the top 10 with a 5.6 overall rating; terrible scores on youth development and the number of traditional big clubs who compete head-to-head with each other were more than offset by a high-value XI, their most expensive contract and how newsworthy the league has become.

In fairness, the CSL also scores well in number of attendances, with their lowest-ranked team by average attendance attracting considerably higher numbers than the lowest league from Italy, Spain, Brazil or Russia.