The Champions League is back in the context of the changing game format because of Covid-19, creating a significant opportunity for a new champion to take the throne.

The Champions League is about to return (August 8) and until now people have known both the format and the results of the quarter-final draw. After the remaining matches in the eighth round are completed to close the eight quarter-final teams, the remaining matches of the tournament will be conducted in a knockout manner directly in just 1 match.

Due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, matches starting in the quarterfinals will be held in Lisbon, Portugal and there will be no spectators. Teams will be allowed to replace a maximum of 5 people in 90 minutes and add a sixth person for extra time, but the substitution for each team in 90 minutes is only 3 times and 1 more in extra time.

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The quarter-final draw has officially determined that this year’s Champions League final will feature a team that has never won (Leipzig – Atletico – Atalanta – PSG). But it is only a branch, the other branch has not officially identified the next teams and the ticket is still within the reach of the former Real Madrid kings, Juventus, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Barcelona and 3 clubs that have never been posted. Optics are Man City, Napoli and Lyon.

Changing the law will lead to surprise?

The tournament will now be no different from the format of the World Cup, which means teams will not have a chance to remake and just one mistake will lead to failure of the campaign. And it also seems that this means teams that have never won a championship, or the phenomena of the tournament, may be surprised.

It is a fact that in the 2019/20 season has passed, in addition to Liverpool and PSG, the remaining national championships in the top 5 of Europe (Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A) all witnessed the formations of instability. certain of the coronation team (Bayern – Juventus – Real Madrid). Even Liverpool dominating the Premier League were ultimately eliminated by Atletico Madrid in the eighth round and PSG lost to Dortmund in the first leg before turning up in the second leg.

Cúp C1 trở lại: Mùa giải lạ kỳ nhất lịch sử, sẽ có tân vương bất ngờ? - 2

Strong teams are used to the atmosphere of the Champions League, especially the opportunity to take control of the series at home, but now they will play neutral ground and no audience. If normal big teams can play freely and wait for the return leg to adjust their tactics, with just one match, they will become more cautious and the game will have a turning point depending on the situation. whichever side makes the mistake first.

A typical example is the Atletico Madrid – Liverpool match in the round of 1/8. Liverpool at Madrid were stalemate but their goal came from a rather unfortunate situation when the ball hit Fabinho. If the match ended there, Liverpool would be “gone”, but they stormed in the second leg at Anfield and put the match into extra time until goalkeeper Adrian made a serious mistake.

Atletico beat Liverpool but this year they are not really a strong candidate. They were vicious – into the top 4 of La Liga from round 9 to round 28 and only firmly positioned in the last 8 rounds. Atletico can win against any opponent but can also lose to weaker teams, but their football style is very suitable for the cup front, so this style of play helps them have more base to go deeper.