After a lot of pressure from the opposition, Bartomeu resigned as President of Barcelona and ended more than 6 years in power at the Nou Camp team. However, the 57-year-old businessman and politician still faced misery even though he just accepted to leave the “hot seat”.

On the morning of October 28, the day before the big game when Barcelona were Juventus’s guest in the second round of Group G Champions League season 2020/21, Barca President – Mr. Josep Maria Bartomeu announced his resignation, along with that is a self-dismissal decision from the Board of Directors of the “Giants of Catalunya”.

Bartomeu revealed that he and his family were still heavily abused after resigning as Barca chairman, prompting the official to delete his Twitter account.

Sharing in the announcement ceremony to leave the Nou Camp hot seat after April 9, 6 years in power, Bartomeu revealed that he and his family are still heavily insulted on social media by many extremists:

“We need respect. But me and my colleagues on the Barca Board did not get it. I was outraged and threatened. That went to my family as well.”

According to Mundo Deportivo, in order to avoid the bees criticizing him even though he was no longer Barca President, Mr. Bartomeu decided to close his Twitter account. However, the Sport daily revealed that, before resigning, Bartomeu suddenly texted with the app WhatApps to rookie midfielder Barca Pedri Gonzalez to ask him to provide his personal phone number for convenient contact.

Before that, Bartomeu himself sent a message to congratulate the 17-year-old winger who had just become one of the 10 youngest players to score in Champions League history when he scored in Barcelona’s 5-1 victory over Ferencvaros on October 21.

The Spanish press also said that the recent resignation of Bartomeu caused the elite in Barca to consider revising the law in the upcoming election. Accordingly, the new term with the president of this club will only last a maximum of 4 years instead of 6 years ago to limit the habit of entrenched power of the head of the Nou Camp team.