The Great War of Manchester in the Carabao Cup semi-final

The lucky draw has brought two good candidates for the championship, Man Utd and Man City, to meet each other in the Carabao Cup semi-finals, while Tottenham only had to clash with Brentford.

Last night, the final tickets for the Carabao Cup semi-finals were confirmed. Man Utd and Tottenham, after convincing victories over Everton and Stoke City, are the last two names in the fourth round of the tournament’s strongest team. Before that, Man City and phenomenon Brentford were clubs that had a capacity.

Right on the night before, the draw ceremony to divide the two matches of the Carabao Cup 2020/2021 semi-finals was held. Specifically, two indebted rivals Man Utd and Man City will encounter each other, while Tottenham is the lucky name with the lightest visit – Brentford.

For people who watch football live, the Derby to Manchester will certainly attract the most attention. Man City is the king of the Carabao Cup when teachers and coaches Pep Guardiola are the champions of this tournament for three consecutive seasons. Do not forget that in the journey to the throne last season, Man Utd was one of the names that lost the match against The Citizen.

Meanwhile, this is a great opportunity for coach Mourinho to get his first title with Tottenham and also to end the thirst for titles that have lasted more than 12 years from the London team. However, football experts say it will be a mistake if Tottenham underestimates Brentford. Do not forget that in the process of creating Brentford’s miracle this season, they have defeated the representatives from the Premier League such as Southampton, West Brom, Fulham or Newcastle.

However, if you beat Brentford to play in the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup, this is a great opportunity for Tottenham to win the championship. This season, Spurs has defeated both Man Utd and Man City in the Premier League convincingly. Notably, in the last time Man City failed to take the throne in the Carabao Cup (2017), the ones who defeated them to take the throne were Man Utd under the reign of the Portuguese ruler.

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Barca plans to sell De Jong, Bayern is ready

Having a financial crisis, it is likely that Barcelona will have to consider the plan to sell the most important pillar in the team, midfielder Frenkie De Jong.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected many big Europeans in general and Barcelona in particular. Plus the salary fund, which is inherently inflated, can be said that the Nou Camp team is going through a period of extreme financial crisis. According to football prediction experts, even when Barca sell their number one star, Lionel Messi and make a large sum of money, they will also do many other things to balance the club’s finances.

Recently, Mundo Deportivo (a pro-Barca newspaper) and Goal newspaper have suddenly published information that Barca is considering selling midfielder Frenkie De Jong in the summer transfer window next year to reduce the salary budget for the team. This is definitely information that no Cule wants to hear at the moment because De Jong is one of the most important pillars of Barca.

Moving to the Nou Camp from Ajax Amsterdam in the summer of 2019 with a transfer fee of 75 million euros, De Jong quickly asserted his position in the midfield of the Catalan team. He is the number 1 star in the Blaugrana midfield and is also assessed by the viewers as the future of the team. De Jong also just agreed to sign a new contract with a term to 2026 with Barcelona not long ago.

If Barca really wants to sell De Jong, Bayern Munich will be the first name to knock on the door. In fact, Gray Lobster is one of Barca’s opponents in the race to win the signature of the Dutch star a year ago. The Goal newspaper said that Bayern’s sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic remained in contact with De Jong’s agent during the past time. He highly appreciates the talent of the 23-year-old and considers this a dream signature with the German champion.

Bayern Munich will almost certainly say goodbye to Javi Martinez at the end of the season, while Tolisso or Roca have never been appreciated for stability. Therefore, the top goal of the Champions League champions in the summer transfer window 2021 is to add a quality midfielder.

The things that remain after the Rennes 1-2 Chelsea match

Although facing many difficulties before the determination of the opponent, but in the end Chelsea still overcome difficulties and together with Sevilla won tickets to the 1/8 round of the Champions League 2020/2021.

Red alert to Timo Werner

The one-way game was shown by Chelsea right after the opening whistle. In fact, people who watch live football of this match all admit that the Blues would have had a much easier game if the expensive striker they brought in last summer, Timo Werner, did not continue to experience. a disappointing match.

In the 4 minute, Callum Hudson-Odoi did everything hard before launching a favorable cross for the German striker. However, when the front was only an empty goal, Werner still finished to the sky with the surprise of his teammates and coach Frank Lampard. This incredible miss affected Werner’s mentality dramatically in the following minutes. Even in the situation where Giroud scored at the last minute, Werner still received countless criticisms when he finished gently in the previous situation.

The reason why Mount is a good player of Lampard

Only appearing on the field for 68 minutes, but Manson Mount still received the title of player of the match. The English midfielder not only played actively, continuously supported the defense effectively, but also made a positive contribution to the attacking front.

Chelsea’s opening goal in this match was Mason Mount’s stunning image and a testament to why he was an irreplaceable player under Lampard. A strong dispute, a quick observation and a swing of the foot that brought the ball to the right range of Hudson-Odoi at a distance of nearly 30 meters, all speak for superior qualities in a money world leader.

Giroud is still very valuable to Chelsea

Football predators have repeatedly speculated about the possibility that Giroud will leave Chelsea in the January transfer window. In the context of the duo Timo Werner and Tammy Abraham are playing quite well in the spearhead, Chelsea has forgotten a classy goalscorer on the bench during the past time. However, after the match with Rennes, it is possible that the Stamford Bride team will have to think again.

Once again, Giroud brought a solution for Chelsea when the team needed the most urgent and quick approach to the opponent’s goal. Not only did he show a very good role as a wall in the minutes he was on the field, the French striker also showed his class with the forte of the battle to bring the decisive goal to bring the ticket to the 1/8 round for Chelsea. With what has been shown, it will be a pity for Chelsea if they lose Giroud at this year’s winter market.

Former Barca director revealed the reason why the club did not buy Neymar

Former Director Javier Bordas revealed that Barca could not buy Neymar from PSG during the transfer window last summer for a very rare reason.

Neymar once asked to leave PSG to return to Barca in the summer of 2019, and even quit training to put pressure. But in the end the deal broke down at the last minute and Neymar is still with PSG today.

The reason for this failure was revealed by former Barca’s legal director, Javier Bordas, in an exclusive interview with Mundo Deportivo.

Mr. Bordas asserted that Barca was very serious with the intention to buy Neymar in the summer of 2019. As evidenced by the legal director of Bordas and CEO Oscar Grau and sporting director Eric Abidal went to Paris to negotiate with PSG.

“We really want to bring Neymar back to Barca. We did our best. We almost reached an agreement to buy Neymar and he is also ready to return to Barca. But Neymar’s father demanded a commission that both clubs could not reach an agreement on before the transfer market closed time.”

“But it is true that we did our best and were able to buy him back in a little while. I think Messi is still very sorry about this. But with the impact of the COVID-19 translation, Barca’s finances would be even worse if we tried to buy Neymar at the time”

“Many people also said that if Neymar came back, Barca might not have fired coach Valverde or had to buy Braithwaite to fight the fire. But those are completely different things. In football, there are times when you have to make a choice. Neymar is a good player, but the club’s finances are even more important”.

In an interview with Mundo Deportivo, Bordas also confirmed that Neymar made a mistake when demanding to leave in 2017 and then wanted to return after only 2 years of adventure at PSG. Mr. Bordas also admitted that he knew the real reason why Neymar was determined to leave Barca, but it was better that the Brazilian striker explained himself.

“People said he didn’t want to be Messi’s shadow. He wants to be number one. Neymar explained this to me that he doesn’t think so. I don’t think that’s the reason either”.

“Neymar wants to be number one and he also knows there will be a day when Messi is no longer number one. Then it will be his time. But Neymar is ready to become the best while still playing with Messi”.

Bartomeu’s resignation is not yet calm: His family is insulted

After a lot of pressure from the opposition, Bartomeu resigned as President of Barcelona and ended more than 6 years in power at the Nou Camp team. However, the 57-year-old businessman and politician still faced misery even though he just accepted to leave the “hot seat”.

On the morning of October 28, the day before the big game when Barcelona were Juventus’s guest in the second round of Group G Champions League season 2020/21, Barca President – Mr. Josep Maria Bartomeu announced his resignation, along with that is a self-dismissal decision from the Board of Directors of the “Giants of Catalunya”.

Bartomeu revealed that he and his family were still heavily abused after resigning as Barca chairman, prompting the official to delete his Twitter account.

Sharing in the announcement ceremony to leave the Nou Camp hot seat after April 9, 6 years in power, Bartomeu revealed that he and his family are still heavily insulted on social media by many extremists:

“We need respect. But me and my colleagues on the Barca Board did not get it. I was outraged and threatened. That went to my family as well.”

According to Mundo Deportivo, in order to avoid the bees criticizing him even though he was no longer Barca President, Mr. Bartomeu decided to close his Twitter account. However, the Sport daily revealed that, before resigning, Bartomeu suddenly texted with the app WhatApps to rookie midfielder Barca Pedri Gonzalez to ask him to provide his personal phone number for convenient contact.

Before that, Bartomeu himself sent a message to congratulate the 17-year-old winger who had just become one of the 10 youngest players to score in Champions League history when he scored in Barcelona’s 5-1 victory over Ferencvaros on October 21.

The Spanish press also said that the recent resignation of Bartomeu caused the elite in Barca to consider revising the law in the upcoming election. Accordingly, the new term with the president of this club will only last a maximum of 4 years instead of 6 years ago to limit the habit of entrenched power of the head of the Nou Camp team.

Man Utd lost the match to the Premier League (Part 3)

After the shot of Ayew, Lindelof let the ball touch his hand in the penalty field. VAR technology gave referee Martin Atkinson the visitors a penalty.

Although De Gea blocked Ayew’s shot at 11m, the referee accidentally let the opponent touch the ball. Crystal Palace was kicked again, and Zaha did not make the same mistake as his teammates when replacing Ayew with De Gea.

Last season, Man Utd also lost to Crystal Palace at Old Trafford, but that day the home team pressed the pitch, creating dozens of opportunities and only lost because of bad luck (Rashford missed the penalty). Today, “Red Devils” only dominated the ball, sometimes 81%, but equal in the number of decisive passes (12 vs. 11) and less than the number of shots on target (4 versus 5).

The goal to increase the score to 2-0 by Zaha, an old man of Man Utd, almost closed the box of the Old Trafford team, but the new “Red Devils” suddenly lit a spark of hope 10 minutes before the end hours. After a flickering situation, the ball found Van De Beek’s right position 5m50 close to the edge. The former Ajax player easily defeated Guaita in the face.

Solskjaer rushed to add Odion Ighalo to the field to increase attack fire, but when the Nigerian striker only touched the ball once, Zaha widened the gap. The English winger skillfully set off Lindelof, before sinking into the near corner, leaving De Gea to watch. Zaha became the first old player to score a double in a match against Man Utd. Even more irony with Solskjaer’s team when they are very coveted Jadon Sancho, a player with a style like Zaha, but hurry to let Zaha go.

Man Utd lost the match to the Premier League (Part 2)

It took until 20 minutes for the home team to have the first intimidation, after the effort of Marcus Rashford and Pogba’s long shot.

The kick-off of the French midfielder did not go into the goal, but it shocked the team spirit. Two minutes later, McTominay cut his heart close to the 16m50 line, sending the ball narrowly deviating from the post.

This excitement did not last long, when the visitors tightened the squad, and Man Utd lacked a mutation when the ball was around the penalty area. In front of a large number of white-shirt defenders, “Red Devils” hardly put the ball down two sides to stretch this defense block. Rashford on the left flank tended to squeeze in, and Daniel James did not have a successful cross in 45 minutes on the field. At the end of the first half, the home team almost lost the second goal, if De Gea could not use the fingertips to push Jordan Ayew’s close-range shot.

After the break, Solskjaer brought Mason Greenwood in for Daniel James, but brought nothing new in the attack. Not only that, in the home field, Man Utd continued to play like a dream. 49 minutes, McTominay lost the ball in the middle of the field. Ayew led the ball 30m, before stretching to the near corner. But De Gea continued to choose the right position.

Compared to the first 45 minutes, the two defenders of Man Utd, Luke Shaw and Timothy Fosu-Mensah, rose higher. It was Fosu-Mensah that created a delicious opportunity for Greenwood in the 60th minute when he crossed the ball and eliminated all the white shirt defense. However, at close range, unaccompanied, the young English striker hit his head out. Unable to wait any longer, Solskjaer brought rookie Van De Beek into the field in the middle of the second half to replace Pogba, at the same time pulling Bruno Fernandes back down. He hopes the Dutch midfielder’s newness will make the Crystal Palace defender unable to play. However, when the Norwegian coach’s personality could not take effect, De Gea’s net vibrated for the second time.

Man Utd lost the match to the Premier League (Part 1)

Van De Beek scored as a substitute, but he lost the game Cola Crystal Palace 1-3.

Chelsea , Leicester City and Arsenal , the teams below Man Utd in the 2019-2020 season, all have three full match points for the new season. Everton even played jubilantly and won both matches early in the season. However, “Red Devils” have to experience the feeling of defeat, despite being played at home, receiving the struggling opponent Crystal Palace last season.

Everything soon got out of the control of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s teachers and students. On the seventh minute, Andros Townsend opened the scoring after a series of mistakes in the red shirt defense. Starting from Jeffrey Schlupp’s sprint on the left flank, Victor Lindelof was not fast enough to cover the cross. The other two teammates in the defense, Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw, slowly stepped back to fill the gap. They did not have time to cut Schlupp’s cross, and let Townsend tap the ball into the ball.

Before Townsend registered on the electronic board, many pillars of Man Utd like Paul Pogba, David De Gea made mistakes on the home field. It didn’t seem like a momentary fumbling to enter the game, because after conceding, the home team could not speed up. Crystal Palace is not pressing from the “Red Devils” box, but every time the ball reaches the midfield line, neither Pogba nor Scott McTominay can develop the ball upwards. Bruno Fernandes, the boom player in the two seasons last season, suffered pain from the middle of the first half and almost lost the game. Ending the midfield and putting rookie Donny Van De Beek on the bench, Man Utd as if walking in the fog. In the 14th minute, they almost conceded the second goal when Lindelof’s header was light and was almost stolen by Wilfred Zaha.

Barca’s chairman lied two things that made Messi unforgivable

Barca president, Josep Bartomeu, lied two things that made Messi unforgivable and indirectly led to his decision to leave Barca.

Messi asked to leave Barca before the end of the contract in June 2021 and the root cause for this sudden decision was the two lies of President Josep Bartomeu.

The source of Cadena Ser Radio said, Messi was disappointed that Barca was unable to buy back Neymar last summer. Neymar himself has expressed his desire to return to Barca, but the old team refused the high transfer fee offered by PSG.

However, some sources in Spain confirmed that the PSG fee requested and offered by Barca was only 20 million euros. This amount is equal to the fee Barca spent to buy Martin Braithwaite, although the Danish striker has only 403 minutes of play.

Not only failed in the Neymar deal, Barca’s leadership also deceived Messi when asked to buy Antoine Griezmann for a fee of 120 million euros. The source of Cadena Ser confirmed, Messi asked Chairman Bartomeu to cancel the deal and get the approval.

But Messi quickly realized he was cheated when Griezmann moved to Barca a few months later. Messi’s disappointment is heightened when Griezmann is ineffective, in contrast to Neymar’s good form at PSG.

Now, Messi has not spoken to Chairman Bartomeu after sending the burofax asking to leave this summer. Barca’s chairman also only agreed to talk with Messi’s father, Jorge Messi.

The important meeting that will take place today will determine Messi’s future at Barca. Barca of course wanted Messi to extend the contract for two more seasons, but the Argentine striker just wanted to leave immediately after refusing to focus with the club for the past three days.

Notably, Spanish journalist Guillem Balague revealed that President Bartomeu could go to jail if he sold Messi at an unreasonable price. At that time, the next Chairman of Barca could completely accuse Mr. Bartomeu of misuse of the property. Under these circumstances, Mr. Bartomeu had to pay out of pocket money to pay hefty sums of money, or face a prison sentence.

Therefore, Chairman Bartomeu is forced to take a tough attitude in this deal, forcing Messi to renew the contract or sell it for a very high fee.

MU has 4 days to buy Sancho: Revealing the “trick” of a big boss with Dortmund

History of transfer negotiations of vice president MU, Ed Woodward showed that the “Red Devils” will be difficult to abandon Jadon Sancho case so easily.

Earlier this week, United ‘s Sancho signing deal was expected to be completed in the next few days. However, the latest information said that MU threatened to abandon this deal because the price that Dortmund offered was too high in the current financial situation.

“Red Devils” think Dortmund is being too impractical and making unreasonable claims. The German team has given a deadline to close the deal on August 10, in order not to affect their pre-season preparation plan, being viewed by MU as just a pressure blow.

MU vice president Ed Woodward is the one who understands these tricks more than anyone. He was well aware that the unprecedentedly short-term pre-season only gave Dortmund an advantage in this case. MU can not let the negotiations last all summer.

MU còn 4 ngày để mua Sancho: Hé lộ “chiêu trò” sếp lớn với Dortmund - 1

Woodward has been criticized in the past for his negotiation tactics. Some deals were closed very fast, but others lasted for weeks, even months, before MU decided not to haggle anymore but always paid the suggested price.

This is likely the way that Woodward applies to this deal, if Dortmund is tougher than imagined. Sancho is the number one goal of MU this summer, and their abandonment as current information is a very strange event. With Bruno Fernandes, Ander Herrera and Harry Maguire, Woodward also used this tactic.

In the case of Bruno, the first proposed price from the Sporting Lisbon is 65 million pounds and MU should have been able to pay this amount in early January and always included Bruno. But then they tried to lower the Portuguese star, extending the deal to weeks later. Then on January 22, MU lost to Burnley 0-2 at home and the pressure caused Woodward to immediately pay the price mentioned above without losing any money, because at the same time there was news that Barca were interested in Bruno.

Cựu sao Bayern không tin MU vô địch Europa League mùa này

Sang Maguire, MU even wanted to buy this center-back from the summer of 2018, but said that the price of 70 million pounds is too high. However, MU still have to return to Maguire last summer because the team desperately needs a good center-back. This time Leicester rejected the £ 70m offer from the “Red Devils” and shouted for £ 90million. By the time close to the end of the transfer, MU must risk a bid at the end of £ 80 million and be accepted.

Go to Herrera case, Woodward in 2013 has just replaced David Gill and is responsible for negotiating the transfer to MU. When the “Red Devils” expressed interest in Herrera, Bilbao insisted they would not sell the star below the £ 30.5 million contract release price. But MU ignored this, proposed 24 million pounds and of course rejected.

By the end of the transfer, despite being given an extra hour to complete the procedure, Woodward still thinks that this price is too high. However, a year later, MU returned to Herrera and pay the same price to get this star. They should have owned Herrera 12 months earlier.